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Russ Thaler sits down with the Williams sisters- 7/4



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Mon, 4 Jul 2011|

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She gets in Washington dot com. Welcome back to DC both feet straight up -- start to -- because. You've been on the council walkers we'll just -- that would put you to go along deputy first guy here got finally got under him longevity. Well I imagine not only being on the court for the team but coming to like a place like the southeast tennis learning center has to be won here. Favorite places to go NBC at this point. Yeah you know it's so great here at the southeast learning into the center because first of all we deal a lot -- with tennis and sport and things of that nature. And also we do with education which I love I love that and then the fact of the castles are involved in. They know how much this means to me and you know mark had no time to get involved in the you know just throw it out there and that's and I love mounds and Venus today. Gives you a chance to hang out Serena you have a chance to spend much time together about your lives are all over the world all the time. But we're always -- -- how far we are. There's always try to implement. There and of course being -- we -- As -- to make him that's. Serrated you have any favorite watney castles moments. What don't have as they -- my criticism so much fun I think just. Really. There as I was playing in Washington actually and it was left it was the report labs and I just remember it was such an intense match against. You know the girl I don't -- the team announced plan but I remember -- Murphy took me aside he's like -- you know it's. That these you know what don't and because I was so uptight kid that could mean lack what but it does would've been this is match are made it could be like Serena relax. And I was like good Baldelli for that for the Cassel about the in my career yeah and Venus that's another thing in the world team tennis is like -- ovals like you can't relax because every point matters so much. Now you have -- you better not let. That's the key word and not relaxed -- pressure on the opponent. -- so many great things about -- -- minute left you have played one of our rivals in games. It was good tiebreaker ball games. One of the coolest things actually plays some of the things that -- here today welcome from the young people at the clinic at his last summer and now. Yeah it's great He continues even about. And you get to see some familiar faces and it coming back to DC again you see a lot of people over and over and it's and it's one of the differences I think between the -- And world team tennis that when the -- your your site for a week. When your -- to that it would match in DC. On -- Wednesday and then the next figure Philly the next day you're in Sacramento. You know -- -- how much different is that as an athlete to have to deal with the boom boom you know bouncing around it's supposed to be able to stay in a place in -- -- -- -- -- If you had lost the team had lost got taken together that have really hit over that I really think about everything imagine -- -- solid innings then find out there get it. Since it's so funny on the team I love me and -- it. It's a -- you've played doubles a lot with your sister has been really successful but with the -- -- that you played with -- Stubbs who played -- Leander -- what's it like playing with different partners and maybe those two specifically since there and be back again this summer. It's great you know I love playing but it didn't have experience. With each player allies with thought like Renee moves so glad she's got a bad it's good because she is so much experience levels and she knows what to hit what to do it Leander. Amazing player. So it's you know I can take that -- -- doubles match but. There's no one like -- CSN Washington dot com.