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Russ Thaler counts down the Top 5 Kastles moments- 7/3



  1. Martina Hingis0:21
  2. Billie Jean King1:02
  3. John McEnroe1:49
  4. Serena Williams1:06
  5. Washington Capitals0:11, 2:32
  6. the nets0:26
  7. Venus0:08, 0:20, 0:27
  8. Grand Slam0:36
  9. Eastern Conference1:21
Sun, 3 Jul 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Five Venus Williams making her first appearance is a member of the Washington Capitals in DC. July 12 2010. The renewal of one of the great rivalries in the history of women's tennis Venus vs Martina Hingis. The battle former world number one -- power against the nets. Venus would jump out to the early advantage breaking Hingis serve and literally. Breaking her opponent's racket with a world. But the fifteen time Grand Slam winner blame for the New York buzz would eventually take it to a tiebreaker. Where Venus would ultimately prevail. Number report takes us all the way back. Did the night it all began. Opening night at -- stadium July 8 2008. -- world team tennis co-founder Billie Jean King -- DC mayor Adrian event beyond and Serena Williams and they castles ushered in a new era. In DC sports. Here to castle tennis brings us to number three and our countdown. The 2009. Eastern Conference finals the underdog -- would take a three game lead into the final set. When the New York sports time -- over. It was all this got. Boom boom doubts about the play they hero's role sending Washington to the world team tennis championship final. Number two the rumble in the capital Cassel and sport times again July 18 2009. John McEnroe. Leander pay off hot -- of tennis catches fire in men's doubles. Both verbal and physical -- all overcast -- stadium. Fines and suspensions would follow but fans will never forget it. What are the most exciting -- in world team tennis history. And that brings us to be number one moment. But at the castles made history by bringing the king trophy to DC. Facing three consecutive championship points -- the boot -- summon the strength. But the entire hometown crowd to make the improbable remarkable comeback. July 26 2009. The Washington Capitals reached the world team tennis on the top moment in team history. CSN Washington dot com.

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