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Neil Hartman and Chick Hernandez talk with Johnny Vegas at the AT&T National-6/30



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Thu, 30 Jun 2011|


Z -- in Washington dot com. At -- ought to make -- -- along with chick Hernandez and one of the guys in the group at three under is Johnny Vegas Jonathan Vegas what are of the Bob Hope Classic this year. First time on the PGA it was -- your second start as a member of the PGA tour when you want. First guy I'm giving the whole background but -- defense first guy from a Venezuela -- is actually on the PGA tour you think I -- all this stage I'm surprised the direct knowledge of your homework is the man right that was was not. But I wanted to write right away I hate to do you were watched none were watching on your last hole which was covered on your eradication of the Green -- -- -- on the par five. Talk about that -- what happens. Well how many you it's bulletin down you know the grass was really really really down because people walking around and now. And continue to said you know that -- got caught in in the press and you really swept the one in that sir it was in the discipline part of it. That was an era that can really focus -- that and that's hey way to necessity for the someone. Yeah well we were talking before we we got him all the years that you hit seventeen greens -- missed three fairways today just so. Check you know we've played this course and -- we've played a lot of kids play well here like you've got to stay out of that that stuff you -- do that that's that's Hamas if you wanna play well here. Because I mean come on come and includes grants from the rough you from a you've pretty much have no chance in any -- in -- -- with symptoms that nonsense again Nicklaus has been. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As does future you know moreover Garrett said that He played a practice round Tuesday his practice round with useless because the courses so different from Tuesday were balls -- plugging there's mud on the ball. Two today and it's just gonna get faster and harder as the week goes how do you compensate for that. You doing you've got I mean you just AFC in that feeling four rounds -- for the quarters. Used to seeing how the Koreans react. Ganassi is just a yourself playing without -- word where land they weren't there were defied over the past the hole short of the hole CS are just blows to a lot of that. Bennett said any He has to be from the fairway. And -- -- -- -- -- a -- for the week and now because -- -- just makes life easier that -- -- so I imagine you don't see courses like this in Venezuela. I did get done at all in that course is Aaron probably. Understand he's here this that and that is what this a tough one and did an undefeated two or we ended the play courses that is as often. And now and Andre which we completed more courses that is because of me. He's really really gets the best out of you if you're not a 100% on I mean you you don't pay the -- As well as you played today we we often see guys come off. Of you know eighteen holes shaking head talking themselves and they go straight to the range to work on something when you have a round like that where you you are so efficient. What are you work on do you do you try to stay with you don't get it too complicated. Nominee NASA still missed three fairways and that's the thought that that does something to work on -- three errors in the first Indianapolis. And it isn't hundreds think this is this -- -- that an -- and I'm in mammoth putt and what's in the best today. A minute left so many opportunities out there I'm an optimist goes she's in -- and every hole today -- -- -- -- would have made a few -- I would have been a great great great around. But I've been solid starter in that was to have through moron too though so. He can defend better I do you like the par threes you're two birdies in the par 317. You had to get a birdie -- Which is a great birdie on seventeen for small how close to a place where I was for around ten feet to hit a great Thailand and angrily really you where I was looking to land the south. Haven't Zeta though and now I've been doing what's unknown number five right feel as though that was I was a good break converted. Then hit a good solution at ground level. In -- -- yourself -- to this level when when I went to about four feet so was the that is too good to get that illustrates there. With the weather the way it is you know it's gonna dry out you'd prefer to have a quiet or a little a little windy that affect. The entire field you know I mean it's it's the name -- -- as it is right now I mean it's it's not a crazy. Windy -- season wind enough to make get a little more complicated. And and I think you know how they have in conditions that this. You know this is you know it really makes -- difference to see who's been great who's not. And now which is which is always good I -- for this guy you know went you know you personally if they Johnny Vegas I your real name is job. I think but expelled JH ON HT TPN -- But it's -- outshot the big named an hour and a but just the biggest what Roger -- Agassi and that's as Bernie don't go walking around. And I don't. It is it is is -- and in that that's something that has been really find out this unity to it people have lobbed it in I even my mom sent to going Johnny. And that's that's our guys have -- that delighted. And that is engraved it's been fun -- -- now -- in the moment of the theaters of foreign is in is in great favorite baseball players I know you love baseball I was oh mark Omar Vizquel would -- -- for two away sucks and then -- Galarraga -- I love watching them at home Minnesota. When they were really you know going crazy and and that loves them and I got him on. None of that of that bit of it has some of them play golf -- and -- replace Bobby Abreu by the way I played here in Philadelphia. The audio here giant his bat again though all of those three guys play for my in my in my baseball team in Minnesota so. His time I also by the way I covered kid do that Marilyn. Prison -- -- pretty good guy He had great guy guys -- Did to know graves that was more. And and didn't really do -- it was pretty much the same -- that we were movement was doing the same did. As an ambassador of that and golf and -- get the most there Moran is in great desire to get him. They're the greatest thing about playing on the PGA tour is one. That -- use your foot in front great crowd great golf courses and and that's always hounded and -- that's -- play as an athlete. Feels like the challenge to a little one of the they've been the greatest visionaries and that. It just just right out of innings makes it fun. You know the guy who is associate with a German tiger was He He is built on as He says the majors obviously. A guy on the PGA -- wants to win a major. You think this course. To be of course in the future that could host a major. Think He can they can definitely hold hole they -- to that is on there's no question about it and it is. Is hard enough for me now and you try to have the chance a couple of things here. Early you know out of the eighteen could be SSA exciting finishing hole. -- it stays it's a great golf course when you can go find it senator to have a mission to remain should they were three under surprisingly. If you see that you bring that up because in our next seven we're gonna talk about the PGA of America was here again today they've been here many times. And they're talking about potentially PGA championship here -- are coming down the road. We thank you so much Johnny Vegas in a group of three under 67 here after the opening round at the AT&T -- CSN Washington dot com.

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