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Redskins Nation: Fan Forum--6/29



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Wed, 29 Jun 2011|


CSN Washington dot com. You know -- will be there for that magic moment -- to the pill form we go. Well at times we've got to step to it just once for Robertson in Hagerstown Maryland. Is is -- are -- -- diehard Redskins and the team has a lot of talent but they can't seem to win games I think the biggest problem is the whole -- QB. John Beck isn't the answer to the Redskins then who is. Is that a QB who as a free agent like -- back or you Vince Young or is that a guy in the draft this year like Oliver luck. Who do you think the F three isn't you think the skins will get the playoffs in two or three years. With that QB. I mean that is the biggest question of the offseason for the rest you mean Albert is worth -- Donovan McNabb issues I think from last year will be resolved. Once the collective bargaining agreement is agreed to. And the player movement can happen and something is gonna happen I just -- -- -- something's gonna happen all the talk about John Beck during the offseason. Cause me to think. Could He be a winning quarterback in the NFL. Mean really really don't know He has that. -- so but He has been groomed to take over a spot like this came into the league out of view BYU with a lot of fanfare a lot of college records but after a short stint with the Miami Dolphins he's kind of been sidetracked. Ever since she gets in Washington dot com.

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