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Ivan Carter 1-on-1 with Alex Rodriguez-6/29



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  2. Joe Mauer0:53
  3. Davey Johnson2:14
  4. Bryce Harper1:37
  5. the Braves0:43
  6. the Packers0:51
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  8. free agent market2:19
  9. paid attention2:33, 2:39
  10. pennant races3:09
Wed, 29 Jun 2011|


CSN Washington dot com. About time you were baseball's got the intentional Comcast and DirecTV have to -- extra innings baseball Pakistani about. Yeah I'm very lucky to be involved with this and DirecTV MO BA training package. You know his ten million out of market Yankee fans so yankees' all over the United States. Get a chance to be a part of Yankee universe and and watch every game so we have up to eighty games you can watch weekly's Paul and forty of those games are now high definition. It is very exciting package that would satisfy you know the kid. I remember the days we can only watch and the Mets. -- -- the Cubs -- the Braves. And I get a chance to watch baseball -- time so I hope He sent up uncertain DirecTV dot com. I have the Packers -- assaulted two guys are watching Jayson Werth and Joe Mauer to this struggled big contracts you know about that I think you know and there's two sides is a business side in the injures there's the love of the game side and you know for me. Those guys you mentioned there's great players great ambassadors of the game in and just put a great effort for us. So every night every game every every year and I'm a big fan of their work. For me I just left training in baseball so anytime you can bring him back you know on the field between the lines. You know that's when I think it's win win but that Dan -- day base for the game you play every day and would that as much talent -- those guys you mentioned have. After a long season they gonna have are numbered and hopefully and how that team went. Another guy you can relate to his beloved baseball fans contention how Bryce Harper who's coming up a lot of Mets fans wonder when he's gonna be here. What are your thoughts when he's gonna go through as He tries to make an adjustment moving up and eventually getting in the major leagues I'm sure you -- -- pay attention to. Well I was a little bit more fortunate I mean I came up in 94 and obviously the social media in the markets. The media markets war -- as explosive as they are today we've known about this young kid -- and He was in high school and now -- contract in his. You know his maturity in his maturation process and you know He looks at a very impressive player. He's very fortunate that ownership there is put in a lot of resource -- that team. They just got a great manager and Davey Johnson and looks like they have a very good news because I'm sure -- going to be very active in the free agent market this offseason. And now the one thing that I'm excited for him before being a young players is not just going to be about hand. But it you know the pressure going to be diversified among 25 players. -- another young guy -- fans paid attention to Manny Machado he's prepared a lot to a young version of you and your way and you paid attention to him. What are your thoughts on this. It was his way up in the history major leagues there's some with the Orioles. Why have spoken to buck about Manny Machado thought gloves in my love them. I think his future is extremely bright He just can do so many things on the field. And again firm for any and play you wish -- just stay healthy and stay humble and continue to work hard. And I think a guy like Manny has those attributes. And he's starting to make an -- in my opinion. By Dallas for its going to be an exciting finish this baseball season pennant races and your team's going to be and one best solitude I thank you very much. CSN Washington dot com.

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