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Kastles owner Mark Ein on Washington's new stadium-6/29


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Wed, 29 Jun 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. -- back check out the view from atop. The Washington -- new stadium along the southwest waterfront. Called -- statement the war that I team owner mark on hosting a party in celebration of the new world team tennis season which begins Tuesday night. Venus Williams is gonna play the castles in the opener Serena comes in on Thursday which is really exciting because the younger sister missed all of last season in DC. The foot injury. Any it's great for us and our fans and I think she really loves doing this and she missed doing it last year playing for us we she's now playing four matches for us ever this season which is great. And down you know she really loves this and we love her and it did she is a real great connection with the city of Washington and so it's just it's a perfect relationship you know we IOC also want people come down at a great time. Seen as part of the city which I think it's gonna blow people wise that's all important but at the end of the data teams here. Bring us a second championship in three years. CSN Washington dot com.