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  3. Marco Sturm6:16
  4. Stanley Cup2:24, 2:30, 10:42
  5. Detroit Red Wings10:22
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CSN Washington dot com. Welcome once -- have a lot of Carl -- to watch people's lives. You know while -- was different pages it -- for that. Killer cal CSN Washington dot com Natalie CSN Washington dot com talking hockey did. And have some -- here. Will take a look at a menu as well we talk about the caps have a lot going on it's actually actually tree in the first round pick short for our. -- man who -- helped Chicago won a couple years ago. Looks like trying to deal while Bob Bob what's his future holes what's his deal and armor yards -- me -- with the first one. -- so when -- -- we surprises me. Towards the future of personal particular batter of 25 of them to call -- yeah surprising George McPhee said himself yesterday at a press conference that. He wasn't expecting to necessarily make a deal -- named Troy bring our only came up a couple of days before the draft but. I like the deal lot of big -- a little bit of little bit and nasty. The league -- mentioned that yesterday at the wizards' press conference from the introduce Chris Singleton -- -- little bit nasty little defense of style to win a championship capitals of maybe black bat then over the past years having to bring in it for Broward -- plays a physical game. Was fifth in the league in hits. Capitals haven't had too many of those guys to complement the real skill guys. I like the move for Troy Brown or for that reason -- your thoughts. -- hill paid. That we came out the other day -- strategy you know it's to go with the best available and Louise sad. He had gone out and sad that this is a weaker draft you know when we question whether or not. You know technically -- -- summer anything like that but. You truly and He went with the best available at that panic which is what you know when He enters the that's available and I think it also speaks of the fact that. Maybe it is He feels that this is a year or you know we are close in Washington. Q becoming a cup contender to just that much closer so why go with somebody that you're going to need to develop for a couple of years. When you can go with somebody who has already wandering. You're gonna get close and they -- I've been here and that's over four years. Now there. So what's gotten out -- -- could happen and really that's funny you bring in a guy and who has the Stanley Cup and I'm like Mike Knuble was a real rolled up player back in 1998 at least. -- -- Stanley Cup a little bit more recently had a big role on that team though. You know maybe you want a few more rings on the team but if you're gonna have limited amount Troy Brown is -- Yong. Now we're talking about forty or at 24 years old right. And what's interesting to me we're talking and -- later additions people have done well brow or seventh round and -- the drafts now. Very interesting player on there I'm excited for it they're well yeah. Fine and good stuff there was C bought assignment only assume he's gonna get sucked right. Restricted free agent but coming off just -- one million dollar deal in Chicago bit of the bargain there. -- of the cap room while the mob restricted free agent much easier to sign in the -- restrict. It. I'll get at least -- -- he's gonna get a 100% increase that the way it works with the system but at least do somewhere in the two degree range. And then the other -- course looks like the ladies in DC. Very happy. C Jordan -- don't give -- give Bob looks like six Sixers 27 million dollars some people felt they overpay I scored sixteen goals. What you look at the market not a lot of followers there's thoughts of some other teams out there -- police were one. Her Minnesota's interest we're going to -- and what they're going to be well on the pay more. So your thought on how -- He was going to get a lot of money somewhere and as far as it being a lot of money might seem like a lot of money right now. Four and a half million dollar that a lot to me that that's just -- as me though it is a lot of money right now but the way the salary cap works is in 56 years four years from now afford to have million dollars. In the way the salary cap keeps going up every year it won't be as big a deal. It's a 3456. Years in the contract and as far as -- sixteen goals or like you said. I know it brings a lot of intangibles -- like. Good locker room guy if anything I was worried they were going to lose a mining capitals need more brooks likes it and not fewer and He brings the intangibles that maybe -- the quantify. But in this case for a half million a year is is. And that's less than blacks to steal a slot. I guess if you put it in perspective. -- no problem in the six year contract brooks like -- Well now he's a hard working. As -- health issues he's on the ice every single day I nightlife and the edge and I'm not. He's not going to be monsters are going to be on the Turkish Riviera and get a pretty miles out on the lake and -- that fishing I I think it's the guy that I am not hesitant to lock up for the long. I was surprised that there's I don't think there's any hometown discount that He was given out by. Why should you if you have leverage using the leverage goes against you if there was a point -- forwards on the market this year that squeezed on it and take last. And if it happens we're confident and more -- to -- that's the way it goes as this that. -- has this. You remember our -- he's brooks likes re -- who's gone. Not Bradley in my lose about Matt Bradley. Well they only have eight point nine million and space to play with and they still have to assign power rankings are talking I think collaborative effort and still after -- -- -- -- -- -- angles and go anywhere. And with also -- you're talking somebody who. Can command probably three and you know he's gonna get paid more mental -- Upper -- so that's leaving you with a little bit less than five million. You still have your -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wasn't here for very long time but Jason -- second line center. A lot of talk now both brooks like yesterday and George McPhee acknowledged that it sounds like they're going to shift brooks like through the middle to center position. And that could mean the end of Jason -- here in Washington on Marco Sturm you know. Could be on the way out and Boyd Gordon has while Boyd Gordon I think is an interest in one does that up four points -- -- but. Go to what He does good at the faceoff good penalty killers so -- that's the one that that I could see him understand -- going the other ones though I would think unlikely that the stay here -- next. Or is as we talk while all the political positions -- -- loft could be going back to the NHL. Talking about that then it's going back. Is that the problem is asking me. Blinders as good as they decide who added this team because not a problem if you league's good riddance if He wants to go if anything now that seems to be an understanding right now if yeah Braden OP Michael avert. You don't mess that is not a desperate need to keep them here right now and if anything the capitals have the upper hand in that. Negotiating process by. As far as him wanting to go to the cage -- coming off the season with a knee injury George McPhee mentioned yesterday. The one thing you could say the seventh -- -- -- you look at Tim Thomas a guy who came into this season. Was coming off injuries and wasn't expected to be number one was competing with the young goalie himself. He could come back halama -- chooses to do so compete for the number one job and yet it. -- I've gotten exactly but. Ultimately it's his decision and if they've gone this far you would think that. He's he's I'm sort of person that says that these guys yet our guys can win for what it's. Well with that I mean maybe perhaps I think Michael my effort needs to -- so what I want to seize nor ever at getting the reps this coming season. Or another you know maybe another goaltending battle I don't. I haven't completely dismiss our -- I think. He needs a season -- he's healthy and He needs to prove it that He is a starter in the NHL. And then make him a starter. The caps have some. But He can you all season has an interest in -- bargaining -- -- him you know it credit He hasn't about a decade count. You want to take money then fine and that's really important for the caps in that situation because He -- as McCain tell. -- getting up and otherwise they can use hand use another and this but I think might go down. Use another high salaried person. In these few days and we. In that trade in my country geared down and what's interesting about next 120. I don't I don't activity you'll achieve any contingency and a better six point seven for number it's funny it. Medium my Greene -- someone like that a lot of people during his name around but it makes sense if you look at money and you look at Mike Green. There up next year for new contract rights and you have my Green making just north of five million. And so. Excellent player there not as much as. On. In my column had case it. Yeah that would be examined by. There are some issues there there's there's wrists with either as players as -- sound about excellent players in the NHL I think that coupled with the Harlem. Make for some -- is that that trade they'd keep you always good for a goaltender if they think he's the guy who might be enough to make them take on. Another contract otherwise like absolutely. And very quickly to that point very quickly. As far as do they have the guys in the -- right now who could take the next level I think some big Margaret that I think I'm OK with him in the goalie and hopi back him up and as far as teams taking on salary there's a few teams right now that actually need to reach the salary floor yeah there are teams that are actually looking on. To taking a lot of money now some of those teams in the capitals. Division the Panthers and Hurricanes who -- they'd wanna deal with those names but there -- teams you're gonna see some outrageous contracts over the next couple weeks -- that reason it's just -- teams are just trying to reach the -- the got him into Dallas well. Depend where that -- who comes in it's not a formula for too -- -- -- Izturis Taylor at CSN Washington coming off that. You could see teams maybe -- a little more have to get there or we're going offers a -- otherwise what. Let me let me go to the -- doctor and got it capitals -- one day I laid down on the job Albert -- -- style when He was here He went over now he's coming back. Coming from AKA Joseph deal for some of -- of going to the K tell your choreographer. Back to the NHL not Washington don't worry about that -- or not sounds like it's coming down to Pittsburgh in the Detroit Red Wings then died it was just hearing on on Toronto radio this morning actually it sounds like -- 120 million dollars to go play in Pittsburgh. My hair out one year two million dollars wants to. -- wants to I guess and make nice make up with the folks in Pittsburgh that have that reputation -- there and of course. Let's not kid ourselves that would -- Stanley Cup possibility if you -- to him never sold his house there. Level that's all it can be 39 years old now if I apply. He's playing him and here's the thing with Pittsburgh their depleted on the way so and I actually and that little. Deals of the right now I am raised by Pittsburgh father's. Pittsburg as far as it. If you can go and and I asked I asked. If he'd be equally younger coming back because I was raised to hate younger from the Pittsburgh. But -- -- on the wings into the mix and what He gives you cancer in the locker and when I -- I'd get them I think couples that if you learn and your love you guys think and and skewing younger and like I said adding it was a bit of -- -- in the locker -- a lot of people didn't want to put up with at. He checked out whining there was a lot of that going on south. I don't know I. It prompted me one time when I was in Prague as a young person who has shown on Chargers need to make a face disgusting isn't. -- -- And I'll probably out at ten out of locker room guy here in Washington when He was here but the difference is earlier in his career Pittsburgh and Washington He was He was the man who scored -- -- He goes to Pittsburgh. He's made a little bit more taking a backseat to Crosby to Malkin and and just go and now when He -- play -- very good Olympic years ago played very well. It was just good to know Kellie -- capable equally for the fourth of. Overseas this year's team. -- -- A lot of people do that deal will get that I spread batter happens to the other interesting thing about younger going to Pittsburgh now -- -- -- -- if they don't have Crosby back immediately. More interests in at night they're gonna lose their fans at any point buy into sacks or is it gives it a little more -- -- little more something with younger back more recent. For folks in this area to dislike -- what you want to boo He wants to cheer just like LeBron James and what I don't imagine him. How we're gonna wrap it up this great stuff you guys could stop CSN Washington dot com for all your capitals and he's everything else while. You know watching the balls -- today at 5 o'clock replay at 1030. Mike wise of the post is on. -- rock from Kevin robbery was going to be great debating and I wanna I wanna Alex Rodriguez should be interest in. You have late afternoon. -- wash people's lives. CSN Washington dot com.

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