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Wed, 29 Jun 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. And that's fans welcome the beltway baseball alive here on CSN Washington and that's insider dot com. Jason is alongside mark their commend them they usually start these shows by telling me there's a lot to talk about you know trying to hide this -- this week I really mean. Because we miss last week and there's a lot to catch up on. The nationals were when the talk of the town. Talking baseball talk of baseball talk of the -- for the first time -- long time. And then. Just the bottom fell recap if you could what happened last week and maybe give us some perspective of what the time events like for you the sports -- I'll try to keep. This shorter though it's tough because so much has happened here in the last 56 days Thursday afternoon in the nationals beat the mariners'. To win Bears. Eleventh game in twelve days. Incredible streak they're on. Everyone's -- I would go downstairs afterwards into the interview room for a typical for post game but your regimen. Rescinded their for a while waiting nothing's happening like what's going on. Some work starts to trickle out that maybe something has gone on. Eventually we see Mike Rizzo comes walking in with the PR director and there's no written and Mike comes in announces that Zimmerman resign. Follow the game and if you've never been there before there's the interview room and -- that is the president's club -- about the high -- and said. Next -- a window where they can look in the press conferences and listen in what's going on and there was an audible gasp. From people in there and saying why which is kind of the same feeling we all had the same time to how to what do you mean what -- discomfort. So it was kind of whirlwind from that Rizzo explaining it would go into the clubhouse would talk to -- woman. Right in the middle of the clubhouse we're talking to Jim has players are going by this team that you just quit on. Between that now scrambling to talk to players and everything else the team -- to go to Chicago. Not knowing who's gonna manage the next day let alone beyond that the finest and John McLaren is gonna do it eventually Davey Johnson. Just it whirlwind couple of days and through -- all until the last two nights and a that's for winning everyday which under kind of got lost in the shuffle ball was just how remarkable this -- -- when this happened it was clearly a surprise came out of nowhere but. Now that you've kind of had some time to think about it where -- within -- a long way could you possibly seen this coming you know well yeah and in that immediate moment nobody saw coming totally blind -- ever. But at the more you thought about it it did make some sense of yours what Jim Redmond was not happy -- contract situation I think people close to me that. I certainly picked up on him along the way. I knew that He wanted to feel like there was a little more security and stability and commitment. It. On the short term until it gets -- to go find somebody else is better and felt like. That was whispering honest and it was it was -- So. I can certainly understand. Where he's coming from -- I'm not surprised at his. Discussed with the situation. What I am surprised by whatever surprised by with this time of how it went about doing. To do it at the end of the long winning streak to issue this ultimatum if we if you won't agree talking on new contract I won't get on the team bus with news Chicago. Terrible. Negotiating his partner had no chance of work my prison as a last and the world who's gonna. Fall for that kind of situation called his bluff -- fine you -- and replace somebody else and that's what took everybody by surprise in what. I think disappoints so many people in the weight room just abandon them in the note -- went on replacing them with someone else Rizzo -- bench coach. John McLaren who -- the -- on that He lasted about three days. What can you make of the fact that He tried to leave her decided to it -- well yeah it it was an incredibly awkward situation and it shows you just how all these kind of moves. Well you may say it was very selfish in Britain and partners only affecting him. This actually is affecting a lot of other people does a domino effect of other lives that are the that did fall into you know whatever happens because -- of one man itself. McLaren. Obviously said look what you need to do I'll take over the team to confide more permanent manager. That said. John had a strong relationship with -- room and going from back. To the days and Seattle together was kind of a similar situation which Jim replace John. When McLaren was fired in Seattle. So He had made a promise to give it a few of relief on and we've -- so. So He was one to stick to his word told Rizzo on -- long as you need me to. Once you got somebody else who plays -- -- believe he's still in the organizations can stay on as they yeah. As sort of a scout out of Arizona and work with some other minor leaguers and being so he's not leaving altogether but it certainly made for an awkward to to Asian. The players really appreciated what McLaren did for the Indian standing ovation in Chicago. Before their last game on Sunday in all had big hugs from -- walked off after winning in sunny so a good man who probably deserved better fate. Looking forward in place now -- managers Davey Johnson a guy who has been around awhile you may take some local baseball fans back to the days the Orioles -- even further back to the New York Mets. But it looks like almost fell into place so neatly so well that. Almost like fell -- Rizzo -- do you think maybe this was his plan B all along yeah well here's the thing it. And this is the case for any general manager if you you always wanna have a plan B -- -- just in case if something happens if the -- fired if He -- that who knows what might happen. Davey Johnson was his plan -- now He had other options to you want to surround his organization with people with managerial experience who could step in if needed. He had pat corrales had Bob Schaefer also in the organization obviously John McLaren even it up and comer likable Porter. Or some of the the minor league managers Green or trying to -- those types. The eighty was his first option all along He wanted him to guy if something happened what He didn't know is Dick gave you want the job and this was the question everybody had. -- had opportunities to manage over the last eleven years and it always said He didn't want to do it now on the big league level. There was something about this spring when He showed up He seemed to have a little different bounce in his step a little different feeling. And made people think. He looks like it might be right back and it's so when He did come on Thursday and Mike Rizzo called Davey Johnson. He was ready for it and say yes I'll do it and so it came together very quickly is pretty remarkable when you think about it. To go from the shock. Of your manager walking away in the middle of of your hot streak in years to really within 48 hours having hired. A great manager would agree that past winning a World Series winning manager your reward for remarkably well that. Well Davey Johnson is in his -- -- is I believe 68. Which made up the old for the NL east but it does now with Jack McKinney have been does it does bring in the question next year not only his age but the fact that they have to. Interview other people what about next year what do you think. Anything could potentially be a -- and could we see Davey Johnson continuing in 2012 yep well here's. This situation I think the next would have liked to lock him up beyond this season and that was the initial hope the promise that MLB requires every team with the managerial change to go three full search. And that includes interviewing minority candidates are going through all the procedure of all -- so. Davey Johnson's going to be candidate he'll be the front runner. As long as things go well the rest of the season as long as Davey wants continue doing it he'll be the guy I have no doubt that. But they do need to go through that formality at the end of season. And then if for some reason it doesn't go well He doesn't want the job that's when it comes from -- and its mechanics and get that here a few minutes CSN Washington dot com.