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  2. Jayson Werth0:20, 0:23, 0:38
  3. Jason Marquis3:58, 4:12
  4. Matt Capps4:41
  5. Pittsburgh Pirates7:09
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  8. Henry Rodriguez5:23
  9. Michael Morse6:33
  10. minor league system3:06
Wed, 29 Jun 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

She did one team and we are gonna switch over some reader questions a lot of questions today we want to thank you guys for your that's -- and that's insider dot com. The first question is from loved and Nantz who points out the fact that while the nationals were playing well and you know. Not gonna jump to any conclusions now but while they're playing while Jayson Werth was still struggling. Loved and that's what's in -- could Jayson Werth be hurt. He said. He says that I'm I'm pulling for him to do well here but He looks lost at the plate and if He isn't -- what -- Davey Johnson possibly do to -- He certainly something doesn't look right because you're right throughout this entire. Hot stretch and Jayson Werth has done. Almost nothing to contribute to that which is remarkable that the team could play as well as it has and its highest paid player has not essentially done anything to contribute to a could be heard I know he's been dealing with various aches and pains you see him. They ended up in different places after games I don't think it's anything. Serious enough that would you know some of the DL I don't believe. That's the case but He certainly is dealing with stuff. Honestly I think there's a more mentally and you can talk all you want about not letting the the big contract like that. Put pressure on yourself I think it's probably happening He sees how well the team was playing He wants to be a part of it He knows He hasn't been acting. He's trying to do things that He He seemed out of his comfort zone you know at the plate he's reluctant to swing -- -- I think he's not confident in his ability. To that put the ball playing get a hit so he's taken a lot of called third strikes so there's that it looks like he's he's almost trying to draw walks. Anything else in the field to see him trying almost be too aggressive picking up balls bare handed trying to throw behind runners in some things. Basically trying to force the issue and he's up and help the team out. And that's the last thing you want induced him to try to play and be something that you're not that and that's what he's doing right now there's probably some of the aches and pains that are that are bothering him for real -- more mental issue than anything. In the second reader questions from section three myself up the season obviously impacted. Your viewpoint from there. You must know about the candidates as well for manager next year's says in the event that Johnson. Isn't the manager next year who could be some leading candidates and who could maybe be some potential minority can you mentioned yet -- -- -- it's interesting because. I my thought all along as soon as this happened was if you're Mike Rizzo. You've got to make your next manager a big time high you would think that's the case it to show commitment to somebody given the multiple years giving them a nice sized. Contract in good money at that is to -- -- well. It is and and honestly -- almost in a way to say gym regularly and see we were willing to pay good money for manager just not for you yeah. So if that's the case who's out there well Davey Johnson was kind of the obvious one and I think -- -- -- very well if He is. The manager I'm not sure there are a lot of other really established big name managers out there are going to be out there this offseason. So the other candidates are people more internally in the organization like a Bo Porter who people thought of Caribbean and someday he'll get an interview obviously as a minority candidate. But up and comers like -- or. Is in the minor league system I'm in Tripoli Tony Beasley is they're -- manager was their third base coach a few years back he's always been part of the potential. And other than in other minority candidate. So it. It's a little odd to think. That there may not be really those big names out there that you could talk to. If Davey doesn't return I sort of feel like it's another reason why I feel like it's probably gained job beyond this year. Because they want to it was they hate this team is great win now we want big name my first manager in there and Weaver got Jones I think unless something really goes wrong. The rest of the season it just seems to me too much sense that the speaking of. Winning now the third reader questions from SS FS wants to know about potential trades -- -- right now the national seems to have taken at small step back but right now. The value was up for a lot of their players and He wants to know specifically about Jason Marquis and Tyler Clippers how do you feel about the rumors recently of trades -- Yeah well certainly they've they've certainly come up and and kind of lost among all the is that we are getting closer to the trade deadline July 30. First about a month away now. Let's take them case by case Jason Marquis. Sell high. You have to you know I've been saying this all along I know he's done some very good things for this club I know he's a good person have in your rotation the rest of the season. And maybe beyond he's going to be a free agent he's pitching. Very well this season although not as well last couple times out than He did earlier in the year. Veteran quality starting pitching guy who's been. In the playoff before is it big time commodity right now the same thing that it was the case with Matt Capps last year and if you can find a contending team like the Yankees but say. We're willing to give up and up and coming prospect guy who's on the cusp of reaching the big leagues like Wilson Ramos was last year with the twins immediately off hitting center fielder tight. You gotta make that move. I understand it may hurt him a little bit short term this year but they do feel like there are some other. Pitching options to help them get through the season including Stephen Strasburg may be coming back. In September I think you have to make that the Clippers a different case. I know there's been some talk of him being out there now. I think that's coming from outside the organization I don't think that's coming from with and I don't think they're looking training if you get a great offer for a -- obviously you look to move them. And if you can help your team. But clipper and -- and Henry Rodriguez. And -- Campbell when He gets back to me these are cornerstone guys who are gonna be. Part of -- winning bullpen and they're young they're cheap. You know they figure into the long term play. So not to say -- clipper couldn't be traded possibly but I would really be surprised I think my Akers it would happen this. -- Well we're about to wrap this thing out quickly before we go all star selections come out on Sunday and get another thing going on this week to lot of things going on. You'll be at the game -- in the game do you think you're going to be watching on the field in Arizona and often this is turn into a fascinating question itself because there are a lot of different and it's not one that. Clearly stands out as the guys you have to go. Maybe there's a chance they get more than one because they've been winning and have a winning record now maybe there's a shot that. You know I had previously about a week -- thought one of the relievers toward the Clippers but the way Danny Espinosa has played lately. Fifteen homers most ever by rookie second baseman for the all star break on pace for a hundred RBIs in the batting average is -- playing great defense. People around baseball are starting to notice this. I could see that happening maybe Michael Morse has also been making a name for itself can cover off the ball. The one thing bears' first it's such a senior and actually it means that spot for. I know some people think Jordan Yzerman has an area of three Ozzy he's pitched well enough to deserve it and He still has a losing record that going in today's game it's tough sell. Right now I had to pick who's going to be hectic Espinoza who was the guy who clearly is among the best at his position. -- -- nationals have a few more games to play before that. If it happens islands there off tonight but they now -- afternoon went off tomorrow after Monday pick up against the Pittsburgh Pirates coming. For all your nationals coverage got and that's insider dot com and CSN Washington dot com and thanks to watch about way baseball. Yeah. She is in Washington dot com.

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