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CSN Washington dot com. Everybody and welcome the lunch box live on Jennifer Williams alongside reached him -- CSN Washington dot com. Rich covers Redskins or -- now rates I have seen in awhile on this blackout has you covering the US open -- I don't know I want to talk -- I guess I'm in that US open and the little time down yet and so. And record it for them to get this CBA rolling in to get back to some football one month from today Redskins training camp as it. Wow well written about -- I'm pretty hungry let's see what's on tap for today breaking news. The caps signed brooks light to a six year deal the -- when I was in Davey Johnson's eight view. The Redskins are eagle eagerly awaiting free agency. And Venus and Serena both lose in the round of sixteen at Wimbledon let's start with. With light so the caps signed him to a six year extension contract extension worth 27 million dollars. You know why is as well lights no pun intended. You know watching thinking unity you know he's he's part of the core group of young signs with a basket and act forum. And -- you know -- Yeah I think so now that the money seems to me I'd that seems that's the conversation this morning but if you're gonna spend it. You know he's the kind of guy who won her own home grown and came up through the system and the reward him. And. You know hopefully -- group and stick together for -- more used to try to climb into. Don't get it getting it -- at least yes race that and that parade around DC for awhile. Yeah that would definitely be nice and you're I think you need a good point. You want to be spending money on and good character guys they know the Redskins. How come under heat for spending a lot of money for guys that I'm questionable question well we'll leave it at bat. Now let's speaking of questionable decisions by people in management. The next yen. Unless you were living in Iraq I'm brittle in resigned last week in Davey Johnson has stepped up to the plate. And then that loss in his debut the Los Angels. You know should we be concerned here or is it too well. I'm certain that Davey Johnson he's. A long long time. Has roasters. And six. But you know what what an effective before -- and post real. They. Want. Winning 21 great. Game. Pitching defense. Good -- really good playoff contending team where He wants me whips you know -- -- Force. Wild card. But they won games three and win games. -- -- winning games I've. Winning close that helps that helps him on the bases a bounce here bounce there. So. Option in the off days. I always say. Mean to you and now and you keep bumping and you know the old saying goes. By the end the year in numbers are going to be. Hard but he's yet to get hot -- his. Power there. Whether it's mental -- in contract whether it is just -- standards on. Something. In that leadoff men and second. You know -- it's just out there. Speaking of rally the pats can be contender for the wild card this year. Probably not but you know out there. There aren't that many and the on the division obviously in division and -- Phillies Braves and you'd certainly Braves in the long so. Probably not this year and I I think finishing. At or near 502 goal. Strasbourg next year and you know -- outside harper -- -- of the year. Yeah lots of not there there's a lot of young talent that -- -- cultivating in this system. It's just a matter of time when they're ready to develop and -- -- all come together at the right time and when I'm playing unions Edmonds has been set and made it all I heard -- -- -- -- in home runs it in management went -- to its fifteenth last night so. And he's been clutch situation. Of baseball knowledge sorry let's -- here -- areas but this special expertise. The Redskins you posted the story this morning on why the Redskins might -- forces and a lot. In free agency. That's in the -- off first of all just real quick outs. And a lot of money every year you look last year. Which helped them it's insanity cabinet. On -- team in the two and you know -- Johnson and Parker on. Nothing incentive deals that spent a lot of money -- here. What's down the CPA -- things that came out -- out there they're talking about them noticed is. You might have to stand in front you acquired this and match up to 90% to ten which read the article and. The details is not -- time. But. I'm. They might end -- patents and about forty million dollars in salaries bonuses. Things like that and that's an accident that's a lot of money and. Win and you know and sure they have a lot needs but is that talent out there were priced well probably. -- there could be incentive for me going to be about. Williamson and let the four year veterans. On. Me created which humans is what happened to me about 500 players. -- -- -- But also a lot of teams in the in the same situation it is time and money. So that's going to fight for them yet players write out exactly. And you don't want to beat him up the -- That. Is their assignment by other players there's some. Great ones and some OK ones in the middle you don't want. So cool with the Redskins. Well I think the biggest hole they have besides quarterback and I think there -- -- much about that free agency. -- nose tackle. Aubrayo Franklin 49ers is that he's by far the investigators shallow pool. Real Redskins write the check yet and Kia. You know he's about thirty years old which is you know get an update on the nose tackles and a can now make him make -- -- -- -- here -- five or something something that's not. That's definitely an issue but you know in my -- Guarantee them 151820. Million dollars and eight million dollars a year. So be in the acquisition. -- -- I I think so because I took the read the defense just can't function without my team. Pocket -- me to give him another another chance -- -- little banged up last year but him and again and again this year -- Chris Neil. In the seventh round draft and he's a couple of years from contributing anything Bryant. Final commitment toward the end of the season that He was playing in some meaningless games against some talent so. Yeah that's certainly the biggest hitters need a break -- wind would -- you know gain instant instant huge upgrade. At a distance I'll settle for the next three or four years and and hopefully some. Well -- I'm actually right over TU for the daily on its back felt -- talking Wimbledon. So you had a question for cracked yeah well and one happen Venus Serena within within hours of each other. Yeah around -- And I on the plane back home. Both Williams sisters hadn't won me and follow. During the round of sixteen. At every Wimbledon that the pleaded. You know I think that that expectations for them they're champions. They are you know. -- Roger batters on the women's side they have what it takes speaking need to out. And set to come back and when it's that it's never over until the last. On ball is played. You have to put in context the two of them -- I mean streak you know had foot surgery -- pulmonary embolism she must die this year. So it's to have just not gotten enough match experience you know anyone who's like why they make millions of dollars they should be back. And they've played her this year they're going to be. You know primed and ready to go for the US open and you know it is well however a sorry state for American tennis right now you have -- she's gonna let you play. -- -- down at all. Mardy Fish is actually -- pretty rough I know that might be it. I'm keeping me playing rock. And he's also going to the -- meat sandwiches here in the DC area conduct end of July early August. So you have the lone American left in the dry and and you gotta wonder there's not a whole lot of American. Talent coming through like satellite tournaments coming up through the ranks and you know where does this put the state of American tennis because. You know Venus and Serena they might have won. Or two more championships now and last night when I -- 31 of them went right there and let it all old intense rivalry that is the way over that hill and you know their extracurricular. Activities. -- -- tax side four but I mean it's it's helped them. Give given them longevity in this sport and got to make the transition some pointing right and brings -- fat fulltime captain designer. Sell it will be interesting either way they're going to be here you know they have plenty of time to prep for them with the WTO. World team tennis season questioning castles. That there's season opens up next Tuesday July it Venus is gonna be in town very exciting stuff. And the answer is in the -- on July 7. All the coverage is going to be on CSN Washington our network and our web sites -- -- there you have it locked right here. And you know it'll it will be interesting to see who wins Wimbledon on the men's side. And it's going to be interesting to see out with a whole lot out situation. We have an answer as early as well. We let you know if they would actually sit down from more than two days of the time in negotiate this mean that is. That is what getting frustrated a lot of a lot of writers just guys like yourself and room. Get it done. You know burn -- that happens like smoke come operatives and or is not a pottery crest school and block out needs -- and it's getting tagged it for injury like took one month from today it's in spring camps open and. I don't know have on the team. Right right. The little details like who will we also have to wrap it up today. Think so much for a lot watching and make sure you follow us I'd what are aunt like that on -- can keep it locked CSN Washington dot I think the. CSN Washington dot com.



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