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WPL: Kastles Head Coach Murphy Jensen joins the show-6/28



  1. French Open1:54
  2. Murphy Jensen0:10
  3. Billie Jean1:21
  4. Wimbledon1:26
  5. John Wooden1:45
  6. Grand Slam1:09
  7. Washington DC2:22
  8. Bobby Reynolds1:07, 1:12
  9. new stadium0:29
Tue, 28 Jun 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Watch the castles. Belly now DC we hometown tennis team so to get the season started next week. From what canals the head coach the most energetic -- tennis or anything else. Murphy Jensen with our big guys come on it's gotta cut. I am pretty but it all starts it's it's enjoyed bit yeah when there are personal mentioned we've got to. A Williams sister hall of Famer going to be planned starting the season for us. Got Serena come and on the seventh the were playing at that new stadium down of the war Cassel stadium and the word that He keeps getting bigger and better laugh every single season yeah yeah he's just going to protect itself. I think that -- had challenged even though wasn't in the poll these are -- yeah probably. It out the last day with the rain right. I lost and they get a -- rubio and gather as much as Sherri can -- that baseball's iron and -- sure it's just not a lot of girls free beer you know honorary -- girls and Leander -- did that announcement was followed it -- absolutely absolutely that we've got a great team we've got -- back Renee back Bobby Reynolds 67. Grand Slam title assembled -- -- -- Got Bobby Reynolds back from last year whose last year's rookie of the year. But we still have a lot of tricks up our sleeves and in the goal is to end up in the promised land but land with another Billie Jean -- cup let me. Excused because you do a what is a very very high level players are playing at Wimbledon obviously -- -- straight at you with is coaching them when they come and this and a different kind of environment. How do you handle that as the coach is it not because of the obvious big egos get them to get this -- is -- in this kind of what they -- -- -- -- and that's the the trick is to change the mindset instead of me it's a week deal you know I've been reading John Wooden books all season long are all -- -- Tuneup for this year last year the trick for me was trying to repeat. Try to get a second title as a player. We won the French Open and I never could get that back to back then go on and it's been hard in. This year it's about getting back to that to that championship match you've got the best team in the world team tennis again. Last year we suffered because Serena after having big years -- as hard -- yeah it is -- very candidly about that I don't. He complains about a month to the semis right now I don't know what would formerly of the -- so every always superstars wanna play here in DC yeah as Washington DC. Promote some produces the best world team tennis there is to offer people who is doing a sales pitches there really is out of the war crap a bit of TV had a contest while. Edwards that inherit every night I'll be there on the.

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