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Lunchbox Live: Ivan and Chase talk Vesely and Davey Johnson joining the Nats-6/27



She -- in Washington dot com. Are insisting -- Goran towels over the Wizards today -- -- is it. He's in the he's in the house now we don't know if we're gonna have summer league or not or that I bristled when we don't remember any season but what impressions of the of the first trumpet. You know a first impressions were I just. I don't think that could've gotten a better player on the board and advances we just had an interview go up -- it's a -- -- said they tried to move up in the draft day. They tried to they made inquire and corp inquiries but apparently the asking price was a lot higher 618 ministers won its eighteenth. 34 and next -- one and we heard rumors about JaVale McGee apparently must've been a lot. More than that just to move up into the camp fairway and to think saying that they did well by getting bustling but to proms and vastly oxy. Number one is that He is 611 to forty seems like another small forward trapped in the big man's body and I know we've seen a lot of -- come through on the Wizards. And the second from I think. Is just the fact that I mean the personality as someone in the media it's almost like a love hate thing I love the personality but we've seen so many athletes come into DC. To make headlines more with what they say than what they do on the field or court. This race important personality. He'll make you know the school for an Olympic -- process is -- out of it now she -- she's tall triple attracted only yet. You know he's gonna have to develop -- game is not there's not a jump shot at this point. 42 separate the -- -- He ever had more to gain. Pretty good level of play out this time is so. He's going to be a guy that developing. How much is expected him next season if we have a season. Like Chris Singleton is to probably start of the golf -- and obviously He should build -- played overseas say they have a lockout -- -- keep playing and develop maybe we'll get through those game online yet. Some good stuff there and the other news of course the Washington Nationals. -- -- -- They pull him out of the woodwork he's been around the team your impressions of how this all played out elements that was side and then -- just -- Well it was of the bizarre situation -- cover the nationals for a website and I go -- town. For three or four days and all of sudden the biggest news that you know -- that you know everything happened pretty much as bizarre situation I think. From now on any time or. A manager coach resigns mid season either going to be pulling a rhythm and I think he's he's gonna be remembered for that. Yeah I don't think we're gonna see him managing a team in -- currency and that that you could argue that was a career killing move. Davey Johnson I think. Is gonna almost remind me at Joseph Gibbs because I grew up watching the Baltimore Orioles and He was the manager in so it's going to be ranching to see him kind of come back and you know same sort of Diaw -- still have it can you relate to the young players but we know. He's gonna have the respect from the players is the matter of whether it's changed because. When He left the game it was of course a whole different game and in there that there was much more about offense and home runs. -- -- so much more defensive game more emphasis on. Pitching and they ask you this if if if you're gym regimen are you sit there wondering. You did did you feel Davey Johnson over his shoulder at all. Knowing that He has become -- might result Mike Rizzo made it known as effusive in his praise of him he's a consultant right. Teams hot. If you ask what the contract -- -- policy emboldened -- slides into the job. I think -- tried maybe stick it to Rizzo. Without thinking that Johnson would accept the offer and come back -- -- Johnson has had some health problems and as recent as. This is like in January. That He he's had some serious health problems but apparently He came back out of that in the spring training -- February came in the spring training people just. Noticed a new new energy and you pat and so. I think I don't think rhythm and foresee that happening personally I don't think he's like because Rizzo and it's pretty quick. Now solution. Yeah pretty good solution you just came out of nowhere -- its like yeah the other knee. Yeah say the least walls and David Johnson you're going -- -- hot team got the win again yesterday. They're right there for example while card yet it's still it's still too is it too early to put too much stock in that. Every team's even bad ones and hot streaks. -- legitimate while content. I think it's legitimate as far as the pitching staff especially they have one of the better pitching -- the National League and I think the reason why it's legitimate. Is -- doing this and Ryan Zimmerman. Though He started hot when He came back. Really hasn't played that well over that stretch and especially Jason Ward yeah Werth has not played well at all Jason west Werth can pull together and just didn't close to what He was doing at least as far as batting average that I mean. Of course He can't He can expect Laynce Nix and all these guys just keep it up Michael Morse has been unbelievable. But I think the fact that sermon and -- still have their best days ahead of him. I think it could in the -- It's solid yet and it's all -- vision -- -- -- or -- worth -- Joe -- to guys making a ton a ton of money yeah struggle. Roger tomorrow with injuries and stop people back culture him right now. That big contract He cares a lot of weight to a much younger patients -- placed on long term. If they compete this summer. And got it back to me I mean if they say they're in the wildcard race right down and in maybe don't win it. Does that change your perception of how close this team can compete for a championship. Oh absolutely I think that this it's all kind of coming together -- does that. Is the DC sports thing you've watched the Wizards you watch the Redskins and watch the capitals are always waiting for things to just fall the right guy went to San Francisco Giants Lester just. It just came together and it kind of has that feels very early but it's starting to like all the players. That are young players that we knew had potential are finally starting to play like we knew they could look like a Jordan Zimmermann for instance I think if if it keeps up that way I think the the biggest thing about them competing for temperature of if there this kid and they still don't have Strasburg their eighth back. Or Bryce Harper right come up next season I mean you're talking about a playoff contending team and you add those two players that could -- could I mean it could contend for a long time I think. Before and some of the ballpark but that was where we were on the Wizards of the argument you have a season next season. Those two issues. DC united should got to win on Saturday get a -- wanna with -- -- team USC loss to Mexico. How as a bomber. I was bought it for sport so kind of in this whole batter and it will forget about the NFL talking about a little bit about that -- lockout and it died. Job by seeing -- -- in. I have instinct chat. Today for the show -- 5 o'clock that is sure -- Alice. Formerly of the Detroit Lions very very good player walk through -- a lot of money. -- at all -- these -- doing this program manager is also involved -- try to consult athletes give them advice to market ticket. -- -- -- -- what's it just a topic today. Going to be. A watchable side at 5 o'clock so come back and join us who have CSN Washington for more from this guy. You guys have a tremendous afternoon. -- CSN Washington dot com.



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