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Ted Leonsis on the Capitals' draft night-6/25



CSN Washington dot com. Hockey now the NHL draft the capitals traded the 26 pick overall to Chicago for 25 year old left Winger. Choi Brower and Broward brings a physical versatility to a team. -- losing number of unrestricted free agents this offseason including brooks like. Fortunately off -- Troy is pretty won a Stanley Cup and is a very positive player in the locker room. That's according to us block heads take where He also said I'm not surprised that our front office. Made this trade as we drafted quite low in the first round this year at number 26. He went on the say. He will slide right into our lineup next season so we had a player immediately. We don't have to wait to get productivity. As for the rest of the draft when those selections in the top three rounds to caps top pick was in the fourth round -- Stefan so birdied goaltender. Out of Norway. They within followed up with three college prospects defenseman a -- None defenseman later Garrett Hartley will attend Northeastern University. CSN Washington dot com.



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