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CSN Washington dot com. Everybody welcome to your lunch box live Friday addition it's also the NHL draft edition break saying. We are coming to you hear from draft day and joined by and read the talk a little caps draft not a caps are picking 26. In this year's draft in the first round but they haven't done too -- in the past years -- -- Not until later round pick this year 26 overall blood that's sort of been the trend the past few years picking later in the first round then. Given where they -- the past few years you have to say that George McPhee and company have gone well pick -- Say in the twenties you just look a few years ago some in our long ball was picked when He third overall emerges as the number one goalie over the past years at least in the playoffs. John Carlson was a late round pick Jeff Schultz was a late round pick Mike Green was a late round pick. Marcus Johansson was -- putting -- overall than last year they pick of -- Kuznetsova who supposedly has a bright future and again that was 26 overall. Tonight they're picking 26 over also with the trend continues. No need to worry about necessarily picking so late in the first round they've been able to find -- there in the past I guess they've done or anything that. Let's look at some of these prospects that they picked up in the past few years. We've got a lot of talent coming that come in at center right wing and on. Cody each game you mentioned that Kenny is and it's off. And hung goose certain things kind of you know been a question mark that might be -- dead from 2008 they've done very well with their late -- -- because round. -- -- Can't can't win a -- I guess they got John Carlson out of that so. We we shall see if He comes back to playing in the NHL last year if you recall He left in October for him to go back and now -- I'm so. Yeah and aside from that we've got without yet it. To meet you or love Patrick way. And then some of those name's -- -- lobbies are players that weren't picked in the first round and that's worth no -- This year with only the pick at 26 overall and in the capitals don't pick again at least right now barring a trade until the fourth round. Capitals will have to have some success this here in the draft. Fourth flounder or later so we're talking about maybe finding some sleeper picks which again in the past years whether it's a great and hoping in the later round Mathieu Perreault and a later round. A few other names of Patrick quail like you mentioned -- one lob was a second round pick but that's some of those later round picks Cody was a third round pick. The success later in the draft you hope you see that this year because again without a second and third round pick this year fourth fifth sixth seventh. After the search long and hard to find a -- down there. Right and you know it's it's not the worst of the draft apparently others you know read you mentioned -- Burrell. And it should be noted that very last pick of the 2006 draft for the capitals all the way and you know end of the sixth round. So happen rent it can happen that somebody. You do find that diamonds. -- this -- make their money exactly pick number one overall -- scouts make their money and director of amateur scouting Ross Mahoney -- the chance to speak to him with in the past couple weeks and these guys you know unlike college football. And basketball now is becoming more global but. For NHL scouts in the scouting staff for the capitals there isn't necessarily a central location where you can go on and this is worldwide and Ross Mahoney this year's scouting over 200 games from. From the outskirts of Russia and Eastern Europe all the way to you know western Canada and the schedule in the -- there so they did they do their home. Work that's true NHL scouts are fun bunch. Personal friend of mine Chris Wagner for the capitals. I'm in Ohio and just all over the map you hear from him all the time -- really obscure places of these guys are really. Hitting their -- hard doing their work putting in a lot of good stuff for the capitals and like we've mentioned it's paid off in the past so let's look at some other needs what. George McPhee strategy and -- repeated it he's he's kind of one of those guys that doesn't really. People over to change in my -- and -- His strategy to -- Sam is all the other years ago with the best talent available at at that -- so at 26. They'll be going with whoever He deems best. The -- have some needs coming up they could have some holes in the roster of course they didn't solve all their defensive woes so maybe they're looking for a defenseman this year. Senator is you know still kind of a rotating position activist top two slots so -- who -- there and also wings coming up. Shoring up the wings. I mean every mean suicide and goaltending it's safe to say that. Like McPhee said anything whoever's best at that position. So couple names have been turnaround we've got a I'm gonna which is why this club. Not yet not meant to call the kid from Russia or it came from -- his tickets -- Russia and the caps seem to have a little bit of a proclivity for drafting the Russian sound but as of four in the last ten years it's been kicking off with salmon and then of that stand. Out. And not I don't. I -- yen in turn away from them and Kuznetsov last year 26 overall the interesting thing about this kid though. Is that He has played in North America he's played this season anyways this past season. In the Ontario hockey league so Canadian junior hockey so -- a little bit more acclimated to the game on the side of the ocean and worth noting that he's played in London because. There's little bit of -- capitals connection there dale hunter the head coach and owner of the -- of the London knights. -- -- -- said before it isn't shy away from communicating with dale hunter whether you. You seeking out advice John Carlson played for him in London they were in communication before the capitals chose John Carlson when capitals acquired Dennis Wideman. Another guy who would play for dale hunter and junior toward McPhee went to dale hunters or does that and when you know give it. Give us a heads up here you know it's as some -- bison and again for talking about a -- rushing get here they don't shy away from Russian kids and they don't show it necessarily from seeking to hunters by so I'll see if he's still available at 26 overall. Rain and then be a strong pick for him senator we should note. Again a big body and apparently from a scouting reports an excellent skater great wrist shot so. I I would love to see that pick on the team another Russian it's been mentioned Alexander Coakley -- On a smaller guy you described as kind of a spark plug another sensor on he's only 510 he's about 188. According to scouting reports. Another outlet and rush and and they have their whole tendency to draft directions but I don't know I I think I have enough spark plugs in the system I think. Every August I would be fine pick in a North American this year with all with as many picks as possible look at I know it's a generalization. And it's been talked about quite a bit particularly in this market given me the the presence of of Europeans in the capitals organization. I am one and I realize it's generalization. But. I feel if you could load up on North American kids. It you might be better off I think some of the Europeans takes them a little bit longer to. It used to the NHL and when you pick up Europeans may be later in their career Sergei Fedorov a few years ago being an example. Once they get their their North American NHL experience under them as far as developing talent. I'm OK with the capitals taking Canadian kids American kids and are few of them. As going to say. You say north Americans which is very diplomatic -- but I can't Canadian yourself I'm pretty screaming Canadian cents empire around and knock -- inside. Last year in the first round in the NHL draft eleven Americans were chosen which was actually record for Americans. -- NCAA players are being taken more than they have before so. Really the Americans Canadians that sits one in the same in this argument then is find. So maybe you're talking about a billion Jenner or -- and who else has been on Connor Murphy -- Murphy another mid American hump that's been suggested a defenseman. I'm so maybe maybe -- -- one of those guys I would love -- the Jenner fell that low. I He is projected to go late in the first round he's a big body a two way player he's had some back issues this last year so he's. He's a bit of an immediate immediate risk maybe but it's. But for mall scouting reports he's still performed well even though he's missed so much time and he's projected to -- he's signed on with University of Miami for next year. So I'll have a nice hopefully have a nice college career ahead of him. But let's. Dusty trades the caps in the past three years have have had a tendency to make a couple drafting trades do we think that's gonna happen again like you mentioned. No picks in the second or third round -- he's called this draft week that so we seems a little comfortable with you know staying the course. But of course He could just be playing possum what do you think. Jets' interest in because George McPhee and a conference call last week. When asked about the lack of the second and third round pick quickly. -- week -- you were just talking about. It's not really one of the better draft classes it's not a very deep draft class when I brought that up last week with Ross Mahoney director of amateur scouting for the capitals -- today quoting George -- here it's not necessarily a deep draft you know maybe if there's a year added to miss -- second or third round -- not the end of the world. Opponents that to me you know. Would have a second or third round pick today it doesn't mean we're not going to have a second or third round pick on Friday. There's always options available as far as making trades and I think we've started to see this week already yesterday the Philadelphia Flyers had a field day making trade only if couple picks were. Exchange in those deals is more big names but but the past years we've seen one all thirty general managers are in the same arena on the same floor. Faltering in moves -- made. Moves are indeed made -- like you said Philly made some pretty big ones yesterday. Do expects me to capitals doing something like that they've got a couple guys a couple big names looks like hasn't been signed -- Are not we still don't know where he's going to be next year whether he's here in Washington -- could be shipped off. Do you expect something like that going -- -- do you think that's gonna maybe wait until next week another. In politics I mean you're referring to players through right now aren't necessary are aren't under contract yet. Something that we've seen the past few years is that some of these unrestricted free agents of the team acknowledges -- not going to sign him. Yes they'll trade his rights to another team so that team could have exclusivity as far as signing him before July 1 when they become unrestricted. Usually those tend to be more. Marquee names more top line guys it's -- Bryzgalov and number one goalie was traded a couple of weeks ago in that situation. Brad Richards right now you actually -- -- won't waive his no movement but the top elite guys like that. Are the ones that tend to get moved under the circumstances and as much as I'd like to see brooks like back in Washington and I think the world of him I don't think that He necessarily that. -- -- -- I don't will necessarily. Another team will will want the exclusivity sign him before July 1 so I would be surprised but doesn't mean that guys under cut to be so. There are options. Airplane options out there well. I myself am looking forward to tonight's draft and a -- Arabia is as well looking forward to breaking at all down for you next week. And talking a little free agency hopefully I'll be back at me out free agency for the day. And then -- Kellie Cowan join us here every day every weekday at -- at noon we'll see you next time csnwashington.com.



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