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CSN Washington dot com. Everybody and welcome lunch box live where -- every day at. I'm dead alongside Jordan -- CSN Washington dot com's season Washington's graphics guru. And I thought I'd see it. Katz campaign or the guy behind that how -- how is working on that project. Both -- fund mr. Yeah I think in the I don't I was part which are working that practice yet I'll practice for it's. From what which are working and then about December bomb and is excited to be part of the caps playoff push and I was -- gonna go on further obviously but. Maybe maybe next year one more round. Break a -- to -- and we'll see how they do in the draft and actually speak out we're gonna talk about NBA draft your big -- gotten. But I want your team. The whole time and make that six weeks and sell. That's. Where I went under a rock through. Earlier this week He spoke. Up He He alluded to the quarterback situation. He He said it was going to be a special season. And then yesterday He was practicing -- his former team the Eagles got it wasn't a formal practice -- that was a few players. But what do you think about McNabb practicing with -- former teammates. It's definitely a situation. If you look at Donovan McNabb obviously didn't have a great season last year didn't live up to the expectations of especially Redskins fans Redskins ownership Redskins players. But don't work out the Eagles doesn't really bother me as a -- arm doesn't bother with the bother me as a member of the media arm. Simply for the sense that a lot of players actually worked out with other players from other teams to -- across the league right players and -- college players they knew from beyond those teams previously. And Celek is going good going to be going back to Philadelphia McCormick Eagles -- gonna have our. You know to have that situation where I think pretty much under control Kendrick so IVF I think it would have been more restored his working out with the Vikings let's. Or with the or the Cardinals used in the quarterback's -- but you know I don't I don't really have a problem with it on the official this unofficial work it still lucked out right. You know their bench players who have come down. And worked with the Redskins who are members the Redskins right on and so. Do you think the media meet you lose this lineup a little bit more and I think they did not much reason I think we're looking for NFL stories right at the moment besides the loss Grambling and it's ours here at. And I felt I thought it in that -- and and I cheers we did it you're in two years removed. Okay. See this situation it -- and very vocal Sweden when He needed to step up. You know a lot of rumors swirling about him. He says something earlier this week and then you know he's he's practicing -- with the Eagles. Smiling a little bit to himself right now inherited do you think or. Do you think McNabb is kind of has the situation under control or is He cracking under the pressure. I don't these particular pressure mean he's been -- long time for a lot of playoff games played in a Super Bowl. On the you know it's obvious crack in the pressure may be smiling a little bit I think you know. The whole John -- situation maybe maybe take a little bit I think and I I I mean I don't think about it a little -- about -- and you'll see He could -- the -- on the -- -- next year -- mean we don't know yet no one -- really anything right now. I'm so I think we'll see we'll see it'll obviously a few months I'm if it comes to that where -- -- but you know I don't think. You know really really matters -- definitely a spot do you think He sees this and I don't I don't think these days. I -- I just don't think there's you know any love lost to him minister and it -- right now and obviously the Shanahan they're kind of entrenched with the Redskins at the moment so. I don't think these days but I don't -- be the worst thing if He did -- So I think to really go either way the most. Well. Yesterday IN CSN Washington dot com. The poll question lies. Which draft related cliche drives you the most -- the -- or retirement and you -- you're specialty areas of specialty. And that got options work upside. Best player available in between there. Intangibles. I think sweeter bothers me the most I just don't think it I mean I I obviously understand what it means you know if it's kind of -- -- -- not that was well east -- Option really 9% of see -- that question of DC and but it upside point best player available thirty I would have to go with the intangibles because there is -- that aren't into that let's look at what -- did exactly. Well HE double hockey. Let me. But I think good good good. I mean I think they're an ad or pop that's the hardest part first thing I -- -- I. I think upside. That's obvious He used a lot. ESPN. And He always says duties -- continue to use it is very important I mean I think it's an important thing to look at so. I would -- I've struggled with. All that can happen tonight it is we are in DC and it. It's tough. I mean I think this is not very strong draft as we've and we've learned -- -- I think that the couple big guys especially European big guys that John vastly out there who who could be coming to the winds calm. But I think that they need a lot more than. I mean they've really have a a top tier player at one position right now that's point guard John Wall. All I think you know they have a couple big guys in in and Booker in and obviously JaVale McGee. I don't know what their feelings are and I think JaVale McGee is never going to be an all star arm and I think that they have all while work to do acting -- -- can -- in that dusty can dunk -- -- -- that's also one time in fact you can sell tickets but you know. It's hard to say if they really a lot of work and there's a lot of kind of project player's role players who -- I think the real value in the -- -- the second. OK not the first round because the first round especially the lottery where they are -- actually. The consensus. Calabar it absolutely out and EU ardent steady hand that wins. Trade. -- -- -- turned -- I don't think it's worth it I mean I think you're dedicating a lot of money to lottery players a lot of money up front. Arm and I think that there isn't anybody really be on the top two were worth that money maybe not even in the top two. I mean we don't really know of the carrier ring the project Derrick Williams is more Richard they would he's about 661950s. And there's you know those guys are dime a dozen in the NB. So it's it's really hard to it to say. You know. If it's worth probably worth it to trade up out and have the pieces to trade up and but pieces do you think. To address those holes with the draft by -- do you think it's something that leadership. I'll let me go younger maybe they're pretty much as young as they -- I think -- have veteran leadership I think I'm getting Howard back next year hopefully. We'll hope that -- numbers -- Lewis was. As far in terms of production was the least the second least productive in terms of of what He was paid last year he's the second half split there in the NBA second has paid. And He was and He was nowhere near that production so you know it's it's really hard. Do you don't know about pair up players. That's true it's true came through -- Yeah I have. So you mention you know we talked about the wind being young -- Lakers veteran team hanging gold while old veteran that the work and I'm -- singled. Tonight with -- -- would -- -- TNT you -- -- forty year old guys that are like rolling and in unlike. -- certainly didn't have a very neat that if -- late I think it's great that Greg -- and a bad yet. You know there's they have some young players that don't get a lot of -- Farmington. How -- -- is not -- he's 32 I believe -- Kobe is getting up there he's -- the golden age but he's played a lot of games Derek Fisher's old. -- I mean you have Andrew Bynum who is who's still pretty young but it has oldies. -- they have more to do to calm I mean I think that. Coming back let's pick up the roster tactic came back I think it's really one of the best teams in the NBA but. They definitely have some work to do and have 32 round draft picks this year and that's it like that where I think the real value in this draft is in this players like Shelvin Mack. That are Ethier and dropped the sykora who could be very very good for the Lakers on the point guard and I think there's a lot of players like that in fact Iraq who they need not starters not all stars what role players who can come in and contribute right away. Mentions about you know and sat around and surprise takes should we expect to -- I mean I don't know there's going to be too many surprises I think Jordan Williams dropped the stick around moment that's in the mock drafts with the induction go to the Wizards and cigarette which would have been interesting if that's -- -- and I really out if he's sitting there on the with a that we've had the fourth or fifth pick and thick round around. Which that the 35 -- 36 pick I think that if he's sitting there. Why not I mean second round players are usually project players a lot of them -- to -- I was looking back properly stay at the last few dressed. -- -- -- A while the second round players I mean -- in the league but sometimes you find this hidden GeMS on the European tour wins could be hidden -- again he's a guy who's. Size wise and weight wise. There's a lot of him in the NBA but He has a lot of I think a lot of maturing to do it a lot of. A lot of potential to look like Browns and I don't. -- -- Look -- thank you so much for stopping by and I'm not only time will tell to see what the whistles. It cute to be floating through them -- -- regardless of what happened and Washington dot com it and it happens all the coverage. -- blocks and make -- you log in and check out our eighth and later. Thanks so much for joining us. CSN Washington dot com.



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