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Jill Sorenson reports on the Nats' amazing comeback win-6/21



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Wed, 22 Jun 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Before this game against the Mariners manager Jim -- Goldman said He likes the way his team keeps trying to win. And by earning their biggest comeback victory since coming to DC the nationals illustrated that never say die attitude to a tee. Thanks to Wilson Ramos is walk off home run. Everything I wanna hit them when I hit the ball good and I arrived at the -- hard because you know. -- -- -- you know defeat the issue is they give mine you know sometimes they wanna throw to his right before also. Investigation off that I hit the ball you know I was excited because I say the game so what's it like running towards home and and senior team there waiting for him. -- I was very excited enough that I hit that home is because you know that was -- feel welcome home on there my career. So when I -- my my my teammate win for me at the home play in. I was very very excited and no point he's given day things that fits you so you see -- having a couple guys on me. You're -- then you know big shots for us to come back when you can uses this team doesn't that. That's an amazing feeling people around and around you know I'm here you know doing cartwheels on a hundred times on it's it's it's awesome dude -- on and we all this. Are there you know excited to be a part of this team -- the and I won't have -- five and -- wanna give -- Those words by -- balanced or have not been heard around these parts for quite some time if ever. And after winning nine of their last ten who wouldn't want to be a part of this. With the nationals Jill Sorenson Comcast sports net CSN Washington dot com.

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