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Bryce Harper plays in his first Pro All-Star game-6/21



CSN Washington dot com. I -- go from a guy has been around for a long time to another guy. Who's just getting started Bryce Harper taking part in the South Atlantic League all star game this evening in Salisbury Maryland it. The thumb injury though the kept him out the last few games before the break. It's been blamed for his absence from tonight Sally league home run derby. Now harbors in his very first professional season he's hitting three authority. Fourteen homers and 45 RBIs pretty much living up to be unbelievable. Hype surrounding his arrival in the that's farm system. Even though he's have been either the best or at least one of the best players -- levels of bar pretty excited about his first professional all star. I was enjoy experiencing a song and the -- that I have a lot of -- In our hands on just a terrible -- you know -- -- and it's you know -- whatever. Felt so good and try to keep those two days off -- yeah I got I was. Initiative and rest a little bit and you know -- got a lot of rumors that you might be going up after the all star game you think you're ready to move. You know mile -- -- and if you don't. In Arizona he's great guy and as always don't you know every organization and you know maybe that. Do whatever they only give your offense centers around him upstairs and we're gonna talk about ways to avoid doing sort of really do we'll do. CSN Washington dot com.



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