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Tue, 21 Jun 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Hey everybody welcome to lunch box live I'm your host Kellie Cowan. I'm joined today by the lovely lovely CSN Washington. -- acts and patents. My 67 the fans -- drew back also lovely lovely don't mean to lead the counter. And here you got. And we're glad to have her let's get on the topic today we're all women here Aaron let's get on the topic of -- little Wimbledon and little. Little lady crying going on across the pond -- -- tennis expert. You know like. I I loved. He is He was this is her first match back this year -- out almost a year played I think only two matches you won. Wimbledon last year she had foot surgery He had a broken -- -- -- a pulmonary embolism. People die from that near death experience. I I loved it because you know Serena got this cocky exterior. That we. Really turns fans off and today she showed why she's here she's playing tennis and she's just. It you know every. I'd love to see that she is so grateful to be back at her age because unfortunately -- -- -- -- her and her sister are over. So little vulnerability for sure but. Don't know lives to meet there's an -- and haven't spent crying was so terrible she -- a first round match which was match -- was to expect it to one should have won it needs to win. And had -- not done that I would expect to tears that have been OK but I like Hannah and -- Williams sisters with outside of crying. Pretty please it wasn't like a knockdown drag -- kind of match it was first round match at Wimbledon so. I like the tough fierce image and you know what I don't wanna see women cry you know it's one thing when man cry and right kinds I play well and and that's where I want to make a comparison when Roger Federer lost at rock out Nadal. Out Wimbledon I mean those are are tears of of losing deceit. You know I am really not not not certain. For crying -- I think we saw another side of her that we don't usually see. You know she dropped one of the stats each I don't think she's dropped a first round. Sat at Wimbledon ever. But those were tears -- the championship is my thing championship lost perhaps more importantly He and Andre Agassi wants to cry you know when He does amazing things -- huge accomplishment -- first round match at Wimbledon but I'm feeling changed she played her you know head and her towel it this wasn't. Sobbing I mean I think it was triumph and and you know let. In this case. I don't want to cry in your next match but this was her first match back. You know I say I'm all for it it's. Actually here. An. Extra out and show you what's gonna applicants assistant and iron will ultimately cutlery they had tears for the championship let's get over to the ice. Sammy and -- -- mafia no way causing quite a bit of a star and I in capsule and -- in AKA HL He and his rights are coming -- any NHL team can talk to him. On July 1 and he's got to negotiate a new contract with capitals they're gonna keep him at a KHL -- -- -- tucked him in any points. And he's been offered quite a son supposedly. Quite I huge sum of money we're talking four million a year from a team over there. And caps can't offer him that much haven't offered him not much. What everything's geared to see however the -- take them money or does -- He said that He wants to see in the and they tell you want that money you go alternately you take him that's -- would never -- an athlete who went to simulate it that much do that that's fine. However I'm just so done with -- on -- you don't have leverage. Leg to stand on and you can take the money and go play in Russia but you're gonna do it at the expense of obscurity and you'll be. In Russia right. You're not playing against any top talent and that's the thing for going over to Russia now some people -- Thomas has been quite have been quite successful but it. An exception and not -- right so you're getting fewer games over there. And another thing has been not guarantee when you go overseas that cage Al can pull out the contracts at any point and we saw that last year with Nabokov. Goes over you know I think he's going to be making -- and some of money and then I guess like NHL talent was right on hand. And it doesn't perform now while -- HL and the public contracts so nothing's guaranteed of their you're kind of going to a wild wild west. Yeah well sudden handy you know with what expectation when you're down there where you go back to me that's gonna want it. You know and the fact that I mean. Some of these things from -- coming out sideways when it was you know he'd like a week or pronounce his first name -- -- -- -- making me crack about how all American wouldn't fat like Russian. You know so just some of these little things are adding up and coming and now the caps they have great -- beating up -- the and got a a wealth of talent in Hershey. If you want to go out but don't tell me playing chicken and not go don't be negotiating your contract byways. You know flirting with that -- With the B well I I personally I think anyone in Washington -- -- he's the go to guy. And -- -- I mean a lot of people question his experience from HL you know He He said you know throughout the playoffs. Look I never lost scheme and I think everyone -- well with me well it's AMH. And for his. First time you know. In the crease. Under that kind of pressure I mean we all He did pretty well and let's go back to something you sat. You said could it. Judge -- player for error for going. To. Some money taken money but. That's the consensus -- it's American sports media he'll be bill and I felt even more -- I'm not not judging and the saint that's what you wanna do go to Al judge at eight wait -- Sunday but you can still actually plays they can't do it right just because you can do something doesn't show it. And -- would be a prime example of him doing something just because He can't. And I know he's scheduled to make one point 15 million per year on a two year contract. Does problem off and get more than. When you think absolutely and I again He does not at. Any leverage. You know Kelly for the -- we were talking he's been injured. Between injuries. And even if He had and healthy we don't know what his stats would be. Right now what was it 27 -- -- -- seven games and his stats -- great he's putting up numbers that are at the likes of Heller and on grandstand. Cam Ward you know name a top goalie but he's also putting up Brent Johnson numbers and he's playing. Brent Johnson number games so Brent Johnson had 23 games this last year -- alarm off 27. Until you earn that starting role. I don't think pocket and I say you can and how that conversation after about full season under your right. I think he's expectation would be to make more than you because he's been in the system longer right. Had some bright spots. But for me he's never really just broken all the way through he's been a near miss a lot of times like He was never able to completely transcend right in the flash is actually brilliance. But and you get hurt we kind of forget and help him for a while and it's not. He just needs more reps to play maybe. To put everything together -- you mentioned before you do believe He. Can be a starter and -- H -- so for me and again it's been a scary -- He might never come back. I say go to the HL did a year perhaps I don't think Washington needs him and they certainly do not need to pay him. What He wants for him to stay acting you know take the money from Washington stay here proved that your starter in the NHL. And then you'll get paid like a starter in the and you tell right just because you wanna get. -- out doesn't mean you should get paid now I think that's -- I'm looking at the caps that He probably has inflated sense of self or. And you know monetary value to the team like that just yet because the cats aren't the big flashy you know. They're not a yankees of the any other school in the world lot of cash and someone. When they know they got a dearth of talent waiting when things exactly and with the salary cap and everything like that they can't they can't afford to pay. There hardy at the maximum right now with a lot of these players are trying to negotiate things. You can't throw that kind of money at somebody who could just be -- potential season. Let's get over -- John Wall in his flyers had. John Wall recently on Friday night there is -- the first came to the maths game called on a beautiful red and white and -- gear wearing that curly W on his hat. And then we see hand in an interview you know. And some flyers the year. He's. -- -- that's why why would do that it may actually positively no sense at first I mean you'd like ensemble thing like that trying to coordinate. But He was coordinating with a white T shirts exactly absolutely this -- Us. It out of the car and everywhere. I just I can't. Yeah I don't think He knows the flyers -- maybe He doesn't realize about the team and they're from Philly. Eddie he's certainly probably doesn't know all of these you know pastor is -- two yards and -- half you got. The flyers and the only and then I mean and the Eagles never get into -- they're gonna be any more negative Philadelphia tied it up you know for -- here in Washington I tend not. Went into the sweat it out it came out flat. And loaded up and throw short and it'll ever heard it here -- I attended the event and a nine Jersey about it needs to you and -- him hat because. He cannot be seen anywhere around town -- in any town for that matter talking -- here. Right. Where -- we've seen LeBron when He was lacking at. On Clinton Portis was wearing 76 year. Four and a huge matchup with the Eagles I was the Phillies have because -- better than that hate and I had to sit there like well we'll we'll swap this one out hope that. It's them for its like. You know after that pitch Friday night at. And I would probably is currently and are there isn't that like to think about Plaxico Burress just got out of jail recently had days that we've had I think it was just in Philadelphia there. Does it seem to -- between him wearing Phillies are. But that was more -- matching issue from what I understand but -- John look at a match anything with a slightly injured exactly and it wasn't and a good looking hacked always been awful awful. -- We got to get out here guys but check us out every day here at noon. Becoming they're coming to you live -- -- it will have been radio on -- Capps -- We -- the NHL draft coming up NBA draft coming up there's all kinds of stuff this week so we will see you next time from the street back. Lines and -- talent. CSN Washington dot com.

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