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She -- in Washington dot com. Check this out. What is it upon the NORTHERN IRELAND celebrated their favorite son born that way. That there were two played together as long as way district as well. Talk a little bit more on the -- what my next -- -- where you call -- All the greats ever talk to musical four balls in Baltimore in what we did this weekend tell me what you thought it pretty amazing. Boy how probably got. -- that was amazing -- and it really was it was it was such a joy to be here to see it I don't ever being that I had a tournament venue where you absolutely ever won on the grinds the was rooting for one person. And may have started off where Lee Westwood in my future and you know YE Yang and maybe his mom who would like to have seen somebody else win but. By the time now we got to eighteen. Maybe even long before every single person here wanted to see Rory McIlroy well in this event and when it by Atlantic. It was interesting I was the only NBA -- look at for the next Michael Jordan. The -- the next Gretzky now people -- and as for the next Tiger Woods what do you think of that comparison is it too early seems a little ridiculous. -- -- Well I VER I mean I see similarities certainly but you wanted to make that comparison yards in the hope that he's going to be the next Tiger Woods Tiger Woods I thought. Was that the 200 year flood that I didn't think my children would see the leg of them are their children now or possibly even Bears. The -- ever. We -- Rory McIlroy has only won one but He did win it and that Tiger Woods fashion there's no question about that. This golf swing is maybe the finest you know we've ever seen. His attitude to ends and some -- are polar opposites you know we feel like we know every single thing about Rory McIlroy he's like every mom son. He's. It's such a nice kid. He's so. So untouchable. And the semis and Arnold Palmer was you know you felt like you knew him that He was a friend of yours Rory McIlroy is. He's got he's got an unique I think I did in the world of sports nevermind golf and that if you ask him a question he'll just tell you exactly. You know what what what He thinks the answer is there's no I've guarded mr. Omar are -- and he's just completely open. We've talked about this a lot of other things under new show also here first of some pretty good first interview. Tell me about the new show men look at -- I think you could -- he's. It's not your typical interview -- are being no way is tonight is beyond now. To 10 PM. On the show are -- -- -- on his regular time on Tuesdays at 9 PM I'm -- doesn't get many interviews. He's an intensely private man off the golf course. Doesn't play a whole lot of golf. Competitively these days but He lets just around the corner from me in Dallas. And He came over show me how to work my lawnmower properly a lot of that happens in Dallas. Kind. It was a really interesting. Time I spend with them -- I heard some stories I've heard before but not in context and I'm not you know from the man himself. It was fascinating but other parts of the show you know -- storytelling involved you know from from my part I've been out 35 years and in the golf business either broadcasting or are playing. And it's a circus of men travel and around the world playing in different countries and now. -- there's been a bunch of it that I remembered that they're probably didn't happen and all but. He -- a couple of decades and where the details are sketchy for me I've got some problems with -- controlled substances and alcohol things like -- so far so good for the last five years. So I mean I'm in a place where I can ask people questions from. Awkward questions if you like from my position of not strengths but previous week. -- Passes in the field thanks a lot for doing this talk to Wilson thanks. CSN Washington dot com.



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