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A look at Rory McIlroy's U.S. Open-6/20



CSN Washington dot com. You can really it's changed maybe the history it's good that kind of get through any breaks news. You can just open the floodgates but it's sort of breakthrough. Those words from a two time champion came before the US open even started and after -- or -- tenth hole meltdown at Augusta. But the 22 year old -- something special him before He teed it up on Thursday you could you can see yourself shouldn't be something. In the sixties I hear him. Don't know if he'll be able to do that everything that. -- -- You a little under par might. A bogey free 65 put on top after round one the score that -- Good to be true. And then we'll proceed 600 something. Yeah that's an idea but it I think it's the US open and they know -- -- the golf course a lot more difficult. The only forever one. Friday's 6060. In the lowest two round total every US open -- streak. Became the first ever to reach thirteen under Florida -- His fellow competitors stunned but not surprise. I think they're very grieve play a more talent -- Yeah I have in my whole body lean years unbelievably talented. Unity He did before but I guess there would not. I've got -- I don't know let's. You know guys I've played -- really -- going to gulf. But I know lots of -- other. Two really good runs at Dolphin follow in this tournament. Even with a six stroke lead the -- of the masters still hung over McIlroy. But -- put all doubts to rest and pushing his lead to an untouchable each year Roma supporters. Describe what he's doing this week to an almost solid you know he's -- hesitate to mix aren't listening he's not here it and you know straight to see -- -- their -- potential Padraig Harrington went so far as to say that you're the guy has been great Jack's records. How do you feel look back kind of talk. I'm still looking for my first. Final eighteen. -- coronation for the next one. We're now. Simply -- too. And an eleven US open champion. I go to -- You know I kept telling you guys now. There you go. Nice the people say. You know then -- day. You know I've won one. -- -- -- -- CSN Washington dot com.



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