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Mark Zuckerman on Nats' win streak- 6/20



CSN Washington dot com. Mark nationals coming off that eight game winning streak before and it against the Orioles. Did you see this coming and is it something the nationals can maintain a certain what I -- -- ever really say you see an eight game winning streak coming from a team like that but. By the same token you saw some signs of what might happen in the last couple weeks they actually offensively we're starting -- -- hit that Halladay and Lee with the Phillies that -- Lincecum and San Francisco. And then getting right there and back with a cute little they said all along we -- and gets back and then you can really start judges' lineup and it's clear that He made a difference even if He wasn't doing all himself. But the presence that He has an effect it has on the rest of the lineup it's obvious what's on -- -- of the big reasons also for their success is Michael Morse and it's not an exaggeration to say over the past month. He's played about as well as anyone in baseball he's been the hottest hitter in baseball for the last month and I don't think it's -- since this is happening now. This is a guy who's always been able to hit you just never really got an opportunity to play every day. He got at the being in this here in left field struggled lost the job and then seize the opportunity at first base when Adam LaRoche went down. This -- always hit he's got confidence in himself now he's in a lineup with some protection around them. And he's developing into a legitimate middle of the order hitter in the major leagues it's fascinating things happen. Another big hitters out pujols from the St. Louis Cardinals was now out for six weeks after breaking his left forearm. Hurdles are currently in a tie for the lead the NL central. How much is gonna hurt them with who holds it's a huge loss I mean obviously it's Albert -- best player in the game. You can't withstand that kind of injury in the tough thing for the Cardinals is that there without Matt Holliday for a long time to finally get him back last week when they're here in town. Now you lose pujols for a month or more they just can't keep their entire lineup together. And there's enough talent there in the central is weak enough that maybe they can hang on and stay in the race but long term they cannot succeed without our four holes -- -- line. Well Florida Marlins have really struggled recently so how are bringing back the -- -- key. Who is eighty years old he's eighty can get it done in eight years -- eight years. Yeah who knows -- seeking I mean it's certainly unconventional thinking you're gonna have an eight year old manager filling in but I can tell you. The Marlins loved Jack -- he's got a great reputation there. Then they brought him in several years ago He helped them win a World Series at age 73 or something He was at the time. He inject some life in them they're not -- this is a long term solution obviously he's the -- temporary guy obviously for team that's. Fall apart this month. Maybe just need a little bit of injection of life and who better than He cigar smoking eighty year old former manager -- -- and maybe go for a one inning god loves a good cigar and look at it like circling CSN Washington dot com's nationals insider thinks much like you. CSN Washington dot com.



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