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Lunchbox Live 6/20-Evan and Ryan talk McIlroy, Nats vs. O's, and Wall's first pitch



CSN Washington dot com. Welcome in the launch lunch box live I'm I'm Washburn opponent for Ivan Carter pictures and out of here with bill producer you know gone on here man are you. Big weekend in sports we're just talking about it off him. Off there will get started navigate US open. Just initial thoughts. On in the week great coverage here Comcast sports Hampshire and part of it weird that time as we were all over all over Rory McIlroy you know. Thoughts on his perform. That was pretty. I was domination that is what that that was I like to see it because you got 22 year old kid just out there. Running the course -- and you could tell like as much when you listen to us in the post game interviews with post game -- interviews. Some of the older golfers. You can tell they were being complimentary but it was always sort of like backhanded compliment Jeremy put up I love seeing in these old guys you really. He owed. Him. Win when young guys go out there is rotten therefore -- I mean I think that's. That for me was there. Impressive I mean if from day one of the torn all the way through Sunday He was the best are out there. A lot of talk about it is -- the next tiger you know that's an obvious you know. You know conversation to have the pitchers thing on that line for me is. If He can start to win majors on a regular basis in he's in a conversation. As you know fans here in America can He be in that icon for golf because he's not American me he's from or I'll. I don't know the nationality at that time to do with it I feel like. And I think. We have sports fans do this in every sport always waiting on the next yes you I mean in basketball. Next and you know who's the next big guys the next big thing and I don't think it matters who is. So long is itself you know I mean it gives us something to talk there we are. Talk about is the next -- -- not us it's Everett radio station in the country today it's every talk show on Washington Post live tonight. We will be discussing. This -- -- tiger you know I mean but can't ignore. You can't ignore but. I think it's a little unfair you know for this kid He. He looked awesome but he's won two -- Think this was the second of the PGA so while He looked awesome let's let him win a few more man. Won the last thing for me on Rory that stood out post gamer coast rounds are all attitude right very -- on the with that you mentioned. That He wants to do this with tiger. In the -- you know He wants to be on Sunday in contention you know fighting for a win against tiger and I think to have that recognition at such a young age. You know realized that He -- she wants to be great but to really be great he's got to -- tiger so hopefully you know target figure out whatever it is health wise off -- course. But these -- need to be on Sunday. In a major and torment. And see what happens as well got to really be a test to what kind of. Players you guys and I think a lot of people overlook this because time passes for yet. Rory McIlroy it was eight years old Tiger Woods won it. So. You know this kid literally grew up watching Tiger Woods is a big reason why he's even playing -- -- yeah. Because you've watched Tiger Woods wanted to see if He said that you know it's pressure there. He's dreamed of going head to head with tiger the last master or major and Austin for. I'd love to see irony a lot of people tired come back and do it. Going to be pharmacy I mean the dude shot sixteen under skirt that's absurd sixteen under par the next -- Jason Donald should finishes second shooting under you know that -- testament of course a lot of talk about that. Yeah just at last -- again it. For him due to mention tiger I have to imagine tiger such a competitive guy that He so -- did. And He wants to back out there and reclaim this this PGA tour and he's as dominant as He would wanna come out like no need -- next to each one of them still here like when Jordan was still -- -- people make them. Exactly here to -- about it at that greater Washington but -- -- Baseball. Baseball. What's. We're not talking soccer this is like now -- part of that Ryder altogether dealt with done with soccer dealt with Johnson. Washington Nationals are just finish the beltway series and that's got two out of three. They've won eight out of their last nine I think and offensively they really seem to be finding something Ryan Zimmerman back in the lineup that -- They are are they a team you know. Grants to scheme of things baseball wise that -- team that are starting to Garner attention and then locally. With football you know it kind of in the news but avenues because walk out and start to grab people's attention here as we you know move past -- break a few weeks. I'm interested to see what happens. In the next homestand now -- I mean if you watched these games on TV and read and out state this weekend. The place was packed yes. Magnet for I haven't seen at the end of the US open -- right in the backyard so advanced -- Latin players you know in the soccer them for -- about the soccer game on Sunday soccer match. But the places that I've never seen ads are. That -- isn't so I know why that is there's a big contingent of Orioles fans who have -- Orioles -- before Orioles fans and win it. But there you know way. It's a buzz that it above for based on the east in nets. Yeah that's what they mean this the third time that baseball in the needed. To pick and need people interest and I think it's right at the rate I mean look at what they're doing with Al. Stephen Strasburg. Don't have you know Bryce Harper there next big thing you just -- write them back. And they lost Adam -- they really I was going to be a big part in his office so. You know I'm a Phillies fan so I've really don't care either way yeah I. At Xavier that put your Phillies fan or are you weren't night not this season maybe but when you look at this team. -- the future you mention names like Bryce Harper and Strasburg coming back if they're playing this well or this offensively. I guess potent right now and you add those kind of things a lot of pitching staff comes around. Put your I guess here -- a time machine and this and you see them as a team will compete with the Phillies. In years knowing there there there right now they're better than Morrow didn't. Is tired. Manager that is it is. A little bit Baghdad back -- makes it all the way accurate press. Then the Mets -- once they get done deconstructing which is coming to the net better in the -- But you know here like 23 years if they go out -- the -- time. A big time first baseman another eagle on one more -- you know one big name veteran you've got that -- can be very impressed us. Bryce Harper coming out. AJ Cole Jordan Zimmermann. Ryan Zimmerman who's you know gonna get locked in again and that's pretty decent I mean you're looking at a -- in this Wilson Ramos elders as -- got a point they've got a good core of young talent they can watch it in and then obviously the Phillies and I say that with the Phillies did. When they had Ryan Howard Chase Utley Jimmy rollins' victory you lock in the young core. And -- you can build around and I mean they went out and got the pitching the only thing -- not homegrown young adult in the nets are doing a good job of growing around -- And it seems like they're willing to spend money and for me as a Baltimore native and fan and that's why can't focus a lot of my coverage. -- they just don't seem to be willing to spend money whether it's getting a free agent or holding on to somebody. But then that same day you know wanna compete with the Phillies and that into the shower put some. Thursday's it was a big sign I think -- knowing the fact that they drafted Strasburg in the draft at -- -- in two years back to back. Who were the two biggest names like you know if you look at baseball draft not often you have Bryce Harper in the extra effort which is far and away the number one pick. And but it was also -- Garner time -- more money on that contract. So they sign those guys they went out again Jayson Werth. Woolsey I mean it's it's going to be excited about as a baseball fan I love that there's excitement about based on -- It is nice but the big story from this series happened Friday night and that was the Wizards -- -- John Wall first pitch. Yet -- it is video go to CSN Washington dot com and check out it's created a lot of buzz. And outlawed to go out and say hold on an 800 have to go away tickets. New. Home and I mean an athlete of his caliber. To go out there and not even hit. The dirt and Lockheed -- injured or -- at. The I don't know it's. We see so many of these athletes you know we see celebrities but the ones early shot there and the athletes mean they're there were -- from butler's it is a few years ago it's it's pretty rough as well. What is it is I didn't play baseball but I've thrown a baseball rants that's. That's when I went and you never picked up a baseball is somewhat emotional football I'm sure there's word that double play baseball on high school right now so is that. Well. There's no way I mean did you see why did you watch that and they go back and finally ran well. It's like they've never wrong place on the -- I don't get it. Mean what they not have gym class you at some point or softball or baseball. That's the Bears mean to the good news is He still really get a basket you know. And after paying him to do. And and coach at this and you know what He was a good sport you thought gee you know He joked Battie said -- it's an -- so. The poor kid but unfortunately for him videos on it went points. It was and it's good to see John Wall such an incredible athlete now is human. He's just like all of us but -- -- join us tonight or today that expects that's it that was so you must -- it well. And -- initiative. This. CSN Washington dot com.



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