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The Fight Fix - Strikeforce Recap, Phil Davis 1-on-1 - 6/20



CSN Washington dot com. -- for the fight fix them Dustin Green. Right -- this every week where previous stop in Dallas Saturday night. -- -- performance -- about your -- -- than a main card February Daniel Cormier makes the destruction beautifully just once -- earning unanimous decision where it. Four miles an automatic finished fourth title shot just over a little bit. But dominating -- -- just for the record their first round by veteran dot com had led and twice construction. And seven victory over but I. Dark corners like -- debut -- the -- -- -- appear -- to control Brett Rogers and finished with a bomb tribal the second round. He moved on to face surgery you're taught off -- with a bottle with a heavyweight Grand Prix. Over any other bracket yet except -- overrule one and hopefully play doing. Because for British Open through by unanimous decision feel -- little more -- Antonio big foot Silva. Over the USC -- -- very -- shot seven remain a bit of you if you want to read they've been running award called the success over the last couple months. Is there a fair catch up with them to -- adjusting to his new -- -- -- man has this been a crazy -- most men I mean. My neighbors they didn't -- well was nix fan though my neighbors let me -- bill did you get a package in. You know I mean they want to sit -- and about it and you need to packages filled. Obviously everybody is just looking out for me don't let my garage open -- closed little just -- -- just crazy stuff man everybody is this. Don't know what they can just help me out trying to help me get that top then you know it's just it's been praising them -- him -- his level of the fans and the support -- get his. It's been great couple months. Conversely is there for the fighters who sought Evans is a ton going on around them the end zone just cut outside of the octagon obviously pleased to Jackson this and that. Into this fight do you feel like you just under the radar and do you like just coming in nobody really talks about. You at the moment at least and you can just got to do your thing and focus on the task at hand inside the octagon. Absolutely -- I'll let you know under the radar like being under bill you know I prefer people think that -- shot to a win that leaves me with. Nothing to do but my job is to get in there and entertain any thing I do will be -- -- even though He knew how to punch me. Looks -- Stillman they they had to be icing on the cake and so. Like coming in as the underdog eventually I won't be in. But that time I get to that point I'll be I'll be capable of you know coming in as that as the favorite and just be enough minister all favor. -- on what you wanna do after the last -- you mentioned that there are some -- -- did not like from yourself. What are you working on improving right now I know you mentioned more than a couple things books are residents who didn't particularly like. Other things specifically that you are just tightening up as you go despite as a short and. Absolutely I mean. My last -- I missed a couple of -- Nelson coming. Did in that bothers me -- in his -- do so a lot to do -- about a lot win every time -- 100%. And I tell my don't win that battle a 100% that bothers me a -- I'm wanna correct and you know and so. Later on people say you know Phil is. He's unstoppable when it comes a wrestler and I want that to be one of the things that people say about me that way they casts bigger shadow over the other things and also do well you know. That bottom okay -- little dish like you know kid jujitsu. I mean he's just all around well but if you do something really great. People don't really talk about those things that you do and it's in the I've -- -- like that because get a chance to surprise some people. There was always talk about the -- wanna talk about division how many Gaza fighting each other who's beating who actually going to despite his Rashad Evans. Home where do you think you see it in the division and we're do you think -- victory here will put you. You know I really don't know where this would put mean other than nine and a great really great spot. Really -- by the company really get a spot and that title title line and dome. It you know is this is is this the next step my career and this is gonna put me in you know that now that the elite level. Of the to applaud the vision. Don't have always stand right in the jobs He stepped and guess -- just -- and just restarted and you have to always be consistent in -- if you wanna continue to advance. In the USC what's that like always having to kind of deal standbys that work for the next big challenge. Tells us that -- two weeks those against Rodney Wallace. So I mean it's. This time is running like a negative thing to me it's it's a potential opportunity you know this opportunity for me get out there. And so what I can do. You know when you step in short notice people automatically think you're the underdog. And you know people think oh well this guy's been preparing for this fight date so He should be a better guy. There on -- -- this -- And the mean time I start to stay in good shape I try to always been at them there when I get a call but this -- short notice I'm Paul and because I know the work in -- -- you know keep my right -- you know just it just does this mean you know I needed there may do anything I will do it. Our ridicule -- -- the show by doing our FaceBook group. And follow us on Twitter at CS in the fight fixed until next Monday I'm Dustin Green and this has been another dose. Public fight fix. CSN Washington dot com.



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