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Sun, 19 Jun 2011|


CSN Washington dot com. Well yeah. Earlier the bring to bring your daughters of the US open. Well my daughter asked me to come my thoughts -- that's very nice which yes maneuvered around here the best restaurants the best work a lot did you ask to come out here what you wanna come out today. Each and I'll lining seem Ferrari. Pretty good first fathers had to be at the US open I and it's hard to imagine have to be better. Threw very well they do and they're doing great as Carter investigators and I'm -- I'm not surprised by the opinion that myself I can't believe you're doing this. We got the tickets for free. So thank you don't want -- that what do you like about playing somewhat play golf there's. Well I love playing with a -- watching him compete. And I just like -- you learn to get better and better with the game. What do you hope to sort of share with him today out here and spending time like that's it that's it to spend time in nine going through this experience is a great experience watching US open. What's it like covering an event with -- -- to buddy trip -- just said it was kind of like a family trip every summer disorders. His pitch bunt them over in the same. Career profession that I American we've been below a major together which you heard fun. Mean we've been doing this for 2030 years now I mean. I traveled with -- when I was a kid you know in the summertime when I got out of school. He was always on the road at the US opener or you know the PGA championship so I went -- them. And my Brothers did to me it was the family summer road trip coming to -- is simple with your son and sharing this experience I think it's pretty special for fathers that. CSN Washington dot com.

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