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  1. Terry Crowley5:43
  2. Mark Connor5:37
  3. Todd Coffey0:20
  4. Ryan Zimmerman2:19, 3:14
  5. Tom Gorzelanny1:32
  6. Rick Ankiel1:38
  7. Jayson Werth3:20
  8. Baltimore Orioles5:01
  9. Andrew Watson1:29
  10. Bryce Harper3:16
Fri, 17 Jun 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

See if it Washington. A we're a switch over some reader questions we want to thank you for your participation on that's insider dot com got some great questions today the first one is from Michelle that's. Who says seems there's a lot of buzz about other teams trying to -- the nationals bullpen. To Austin though is there any chance that Todd Coffey or Tyler Clippers on it. Yep well. Let's start off with with Clippers now this is gonna happen I'm sure he's attractive to a hot to -- and rightfully so he's he's made it the best set up man or close that set up man in baseball. He's a young controllable player. Who's going to be on their control for a long time and is a big part of their future He and story and other guys like Kimball. -- -- Alastair these are guys -- there have no motivation to move. Because you know really in a bullpen things fluctuate year to year so much you wanna have as much. Volume of good arms there as possible because as we've seen -- Burnett struggling a lot this year. They have the other guys to kind of fill that gap where there is who wouldn't be such a devastating blow when Shawn hasn't picked. As for coffee at -- a little different situation because he's on one year deal. I would be free agent after the season a veteran who has had some experience with different teams and media think the community interest in him. And I think if the situation presents itself maybe you do move him but Clifford I don't think were ever seen anything other than -- -- Well that's good news for -- then the second one is from Andrew Watson about the pitching as well Tom Gorzelanny comes off the disabled list on Sunday. Who gets the ball down the AAA He wants to know does Rick Ankiel possibly -- DO. Perhaps Brian -- slow down -- AAA or maybe stairs to coaching. I don't think that there when it's happening not quite yet at least until interleague play's over. You know they go on the road in about a week to Chicago and Anaheim and -- in the DH I would imagine stairs getting some playing time there. Maybe down the road we could see that -- -- -- for now I think it amounts to is and -- injuries severe enough that needs to go in the deal. He's training inner hostile muscle which is basically rib cage. Did it on the first play of the game in center field the other night and caught it quickly and notified them and so it took him out of the game and we're not good chance. You know Ryan Zimmerman had the same injury. At the end of last year in the last ten games this season and probably would -- more. If the season still going. So if this doesn't improve next couple days maybe you put him on the DL if not. I think -- there. -- -- back there's just really not a need for an extra infielder you've got Hairston and Cora. That opportunity -- at bats objects that are pretty slim at this point so if everybody's helping. And -- the -- go if not if Ankiel maybe the injury serious enough He goes. In the third question is from own kid. Once -- -- you know obviously the team is playing very well right now. And if you want to know how many big contracts do you foresee the -- carrying in the coming years He points out. That with all these players playing well then I gonna come the time to pay to keep. Sure I mean look at the way down the road here but obviously. Writing and using it to had a brother and I went out with what we do here. Ryan Zimmerman Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper and Danny Espinoza. Like Jayson Werth contract obviously for seven years and yet is gonna come a point where you say okay we can't. Keep all these people it's going to be a challenge from Mike -- but. We're talking weighed on the road at this point in the heat it would all remember how young a lot of these key people are. In that. They're not gonna become free agents you know Ramos catcher is as a rookie Espinoza is harper hasn't. You've got six years of control these guys before they beat them for it now. Yet their salaries go up with arbitration and maybe one locked up earlier. In the week last minute. The other thing remembers the pats still have a fairly low payroll. In the sixty million range 6065 million right now is still bottom third week. There's money. There to -- and this has been there. Kind of exploration all along. They weren't gonna whose stock up and a lot of money on veterans. Being up to this point because they knew that organs are built in but all long. The knees are understanding was. Once we establish who -- young core group of guys are we're gonna hate keep. Thinking keep everyone know. But I think there's enough of the window here for them before all these guys. To keep the lines because two years his contract's up. You gotta get him locked up and I think it will. Other than that you know there's some smaller ones I think you can do planning jordans in here that -- years. Really the big ones you have to worry about harper Espinoza. Ramos Desmond -- that you've got one out. It will nationals picked up again tonight that's -- technical -- with the Baltimore Orioles. Rookie star pitchers Zach Britton will be gone and now the nationals are three games of 500. -- Orioles are four games this is kind of meaningful baseball but yeah maybe scouting report for what to expect. A -- it's sad commentary in the state of baseball in the area that. Three under on the worked under and nobody did it is that -- At the scouting report the Orioles. Have been up and down so much this year at hot streaks. Cold streak they had just lost four -- finally won yesterday. It -- but they lost I got three to possibly injury back injury. Days -- pitching coach Mark Connor just resigned abruptly the other day. It had to replace him Rick Adair there bullpen coach and brought Terry Crowley is out of retirement He was hitting coach visible and coach. Temporarily at least. He's always seem to be pretty competitive games to teams and that's blew out the first game in Baltimore. Lost the next two. Good crowds there are role he'd like to see it. Seem like the -- -- I'm. Attempt yeah maybe that a seventeen run explosion was just an omen of more things to come as we've seen them play well see if they can keep up the offense like I said it's a good pitcher tonight. For all your -- nationals coverage keep them locked on CSN Washington and that's inside -- comment thanks for watching this edition of the way baseball life. CSN Washington dot com.

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