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John Eisenberg and Ryan O'Halloran on round 2 of the U.S. open-6/17



CSN Washington dot com. Everybody Rottweiler and CSN Washington dot com -- John Eisenberg CSN Baltimore dot com. We're here at the US open at congressional and just a couple of hours ago about the -- with Rory McIlroy. 65661. Round. You've covered a lot of major championship golf he's seen anything like this. All I can honestly hate I mean I I didn't cover Tiger Woods first win. And tiger Pebble Beach I mean this is that this is in that realm this is in that realm. I mean very McIlroy it rolled in Birdie Putt on seventeen to go thirteen under par the US open no one has ever been thirteen under par at the US open ever that. At this that's a 111 years over over a century -- How He surprise like the big thing in golf if somebody goes really low on one round and they root struggle -- like or what to say about this kid's makeup that He. Played just as well the next day. Yes well it shows that he's learning he's just a kid he's just turned 22. And I believe He shot six. The three He. At the British Open I believe in the first round I shot eighty the next day. So. You know he's a he's a he's a work in progress but he's learning quickly sell his make up I think it's. Is that is is what may be the best thing about him in the long run yeah. As of 4 o'clock casts a seven shot lead over YE Yang who -- -- at least 1112 holes to go in the second and nobody just making a move. If this is a southerner it's certainly going in the weekend. In -- of the total class because we look at that one of the historical great wins in open history. Yes yes it's very possible I will say -- seven shot lead after 36 -- 36 holes ago it's not over I mean it is and there could be. You know that there's I mean there's a lot of good golfers out there they're gonna toughen up the course we'll see whether it keeps going to his strengths but get week. It's if you go either way we're looking at epic collapse or maybe one of the great wins ever. Talk about the rest of the field nobody really making -- move during the afternoon. Who were some of the guys on the leaderboard right now. Ticket if they get hot He comes tackle that can make things interesting because there tomorrow. Well I think -- I mean -- I'm impressed with and he's very steady. He birdied all four par threes in this first round. So he's playing some interest in golf out here and I believe no bogeys and at least as we're standing here right now in the second round. So you know and he's won a major. And He out dueled tiger. Two when the majors -- his mental make up a strong I mean now I think game I think Yang would be the Wanamaker and. It was if this keeps up he'll be playing with -- Saturday yet and if He has a conservative play Sunday so. Yes at least Soviet dueling against each other look at the board in the -- -- like fifteen strokes -- lead which is normally it's ten but. Who was released at the -- -- you maybe tackle games. Had a chance. Well. As we're we're speaking now mean that that the top three players in the world were in a pairing or in a grouping and none of them I mean that that and that's. Westwood Donald in and -- timer and and now they're playing well. So right off the bat there your top three guys in the world not doing well Steve Stricker had a pretty good day today number four. -- five I think yesterday Mickelson number five in the world is struggling -- all the top guys are kind of spit in the that'll -- -- that's going to be someone else. Which once again debunked. The world ranking it third third round tomorrow fourth round on Saturday and Sunday for -- John Eisenberg -- Ryan -- she gets in Washington dot com.



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