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CSN Update with Julie Donaldson-6/15



  1. Davis love0:24
  2. Luke Donald0:16
  3. Retief Goosen0:28
  4. US open0:10, 0:20, 0:31
  5. Steve Stricker0:27
  6. Lee Westwood0:17
  7. Ernie Els0:19
  8. Phil Mickelson0:40
  9. David Thomas0:29
  10. Dustin Johnson0:39
Wed, 15 Jun 2011|


-- sports net central update. Hey everybody Julie Donaldson with your CSN Washington update notable tee times tomorrow for the 111 US open it. Teeing off that -- bright and early at 806 the top three ranked players in the world Luke Donald Lee Westwood and Martin I'm. Then it's Ernie Els who won the US open last time it was that congressional playing with Davis love the third and him hearing. -- in the afternoon Steve Stricker Retief Goosen and David Thomas. Guzman with two US open when stricker and -- Two of the hottest golfers entering the tournament and then the powerhouse group -- Rory McIlroy Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson who is still looking for his first. US open victory. That's exciting feeling. You know is -- getting to use to getting getting time out tomorrow and you guys aren't did -- get your mind that at -- and now they're playing nine holes on the back nine and and ticket and you know and then it's game time. It's mental to physical it's emotional on. It says more than just your skill set -- sister mind and that's -- really separates a major champion from. Just a normal tournament and there. Your mind is -- -- after brown physically. We're not going to be great when -- perfect -- rules ponson and and then have some bumps and resolve their -- -- -- we got to be sharp.

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