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WPL: Golf Channel's Mike Ritz picks Bubba Watson for the win at the Open-6/15



CSN Washington dot com. Green is presented by -- At CN technology solutions. I'll ride man Mike rich you talk a little more golf on the Golf Channel. Some of these young guys coming up that we're talking about you do you're doing a great job they're called channel sort of interviewing you know these guys are there are some guys can emerge so that we can. You're drawn to over the years here. You know a lot of it depends on how we talk about them as well. I think if if we get away from. This obsession with Tiger Woods. Then we can bring fans in to understand. That there are players like. Ricky felt the guys you should -- and video Rickie Fowler -- just -- second year on tour Bubba Watson. Who's actually going out of his way to learn how to relate better with the fans in the media. He's he's a great personalities he's got a is not the -- -- that Greg Norman was but. The end He brings that type of swashbuckling to his game He He shapes his shots He hits. Shots that many people consider crazy He hits it so far and and he's the kind of guy that people can. Can look at the it's the wow factor yeah and I think that's what we're kind of searching for right now there's not a another tiger it's like trying to replace Michael Jordan. And but you know there there are a lot of tremendous players and I think these young guys you look at some of the clothing -- wearing him and how much fun they're having and and they get a lot of these guys really did. Good to make golf. Because I want thing has been all putting immediate sometimes -- disposed of stuffy country club. Some young guys and making it drawing me to a woman and that's what they need to and who I know sort of pick a winner. And put you on the spot and you got one for us because. I'm I'm not gonna I'm not gonna pick -- -- winner because then you're gonna come back later in the week and then make fundamentally doing -- would never do that but at any rate I I would say that. The way this course is set up congressional is is one of the longest US open courses in the history of the. Yeah. Yeah. -- Yeah. And. -- --



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