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Julie Donaldson 1-on-1 with Virginia football coach Mike London- 9/21



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Wed, 21 Sep 2011|

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Csnwashington.com. Joining us now as a head coach of the Virginia Cavaliers Mike London Cote can't go ahead and get this out of the way now expansion talk. Has absolutely dominated the college football headlines for the past week. What are your thoughts on the addition of Pittsburgh and Syracuse of the ACC. Well yeah I think it skilled people that above me you got together and decided that there. Those two schools fit the the profile fit -- -- the academic. Aspects of what the ACC schools that are currently members of had been -- decision that you know what all this expansion going on those of the the next two likely candidates in -- due to good schools and and I'm sure is gonna broadened the market for. For a -- media will have to address our profile for recruiting. But you know it it looks like expansion is is is is that. Got to where things are going right now and then in those two schools have been represented in it as being schools that that they see pro. Well I fair enough let's talk a little bit of football now is a tough loss to North Carolina last weekend. What did you say you learned about your team. What you learn is some is always five or six plays that you know that. Those -- those critical turning point -- that you don't feel converted third down did you let you know quarterback in shape and Enron and or and then to gain extra first down for Dan -- you know you don't handle the ball correctly. You know -- with turnovers. Than you know within the game changes and and I thought that the margin for error. Is so thin you know when you -- gets a good team like that so. You don't -- learned tell you know going down the stretch in close games like that that you got to take care of the ball. And yet they execute all three phases as I think it's it's a hard lesson learned some valuable lesson learned in the less. Price they're gonna see southern miss this weekend they have an impressive quarterback in Austin Davis and -- amply what do you say about those two. Well you don't you talk about a guy like the quarterback that has broken Brett favre's you know passing record the touchdown record and that's. Yeah that's an awesome feet right there and he's you know a senior that's been seen it all done it all in. He's kind of the you know he's a guy that makes things happen then we have put our best game you know we have to you know although they had different styles we got to continue to keep improving. Ourselves and then making inroads in the running game passing game. I just to defend the running getting turnovers I think that's that's the key for this game. -- thank you very much for your time coach hopefully they can get down this week and good luck against southern miss an -- next week she gets in Washington dot com.

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