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Sat, 24 Sep 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Their folks welcome to CSN Washington dot com on Sebastian cells are joined by -- Gordon are great college football producers we get set to preview another awesome weekend. A lot of it here on the network of college football let's start. In the CA where two of the best programs and all -- the yes yes William and Mary and James Madison meet on our air 7 PM. But I guess when you talk about the CAA. Yes these teams come in unbeaten in terms of that CS play. But you really wanna get off to a good start because losses can -- up quickly in this league. Yet especially in the CAA this conference is one of the toughest in. The FCS. And this weekend will be a battle of the running backs you've got daequan Scott what James Madison and Jonathan Grimes with William and Mary both are just unbelievable backs. And having enormous season so far. So I think that's what it's gonna come down to you're gonna see those running backs putting on a show. Saturday night in Williamsburg. And you know quite frankly I think it comes -- they're both really good teams I think it's gonna come down -- home field advantage I mean. You could say it that's kind of a factor in an FBS in in your major division one -- play. But when it comes the FCS specifically the CAA home field advantage is absolutely huge and because of that. I'm giving William and -- the edge but we'll see accurate yeah. Two of the best coaches to Mickey Matthews -- like talk to guys that have a lot of experience -- -- in those programs and they want a lot against shut out just up perfect classic to a kind of wrap up a Saturday. Here on Comcast sports and all right let's move the FB yes. College Park got a Maryland team that's maybe He has a little bit of a bruised ego -- coming off the game against West Virginia heard some of the top -- College Park Danny O'Brien saying. You find out who your friends are your true friends are when you throw three interceptions. What's the psyche like out there with Randy gets the team this is their first real major hurdle that they're gonna have to overcome against a temple team that's. Maybe better than you'd think. They are they are absolutely determined I mean Danny like you said had three interceptions against West Virginia -- the -- but his teammates on Tuesday at their at their media availability or behind him 100% said. No matter how if it I don't care B I think it was RG Dillon offensive line is that I -- this actress ten picks I still want him behind me under center. So they are rallying around their quarterback I think they're going to be just fine but they are gonna have a -- temple team coming in this defense is physical. But if there's one thing that they can hang their hat on right now. Maryland is one of just five teams in the FBS that has not allowed -- -- yet this season which is really impressive. Hopefully they can keep that up this weekend I think they will but I think it was just West Virginia was kind of a reality check in the just bounced right back get back on board. Some need touched on in your notes newsroom on CSN Washington dot com Ronnie Tyler Quintin McCree not listed on the depth chart. And now coach at the saying that those two guys those two wide receivers have been suspended they're gonna have to earn his trust against that's a big story on keep it around. Firm -- -- elsewhere in the ACC Virginia Tech traveling to Marshall. Anomaly -- the Hokies defense I mean eight in the nation they've been awesome now the schedule maybe not as tough as in years past. But you still gotta give credit where credit is due and not I don't know -- this Marshall team do anything against bud foster's unit. Pretty quite simply know wouldn't they can I mean. It's gonna be erratic crowd in Huntington, West Virginia Marshall has a great great fan base. But Virginia Tech is gonna have no problem going in there taking care of business and and I expect David -- running back David Wilson had a a pretty huge game on Saturday so. Unfortunately sorry thundering herd but I don't see much of a contest going on. Virginia Tech allowing just 224. Yards per game and obviously just ten points for him. Over their first -- so looking pretty good and finally another game that you can catch here on our network it's Virginia. And southern southern miss now southern miss an interesting team. Coming off a huge performance it was against southeast Louisiana but 335. Rushing yards you BA they need to bounce back after that North Carolina lost. They do and -- it be Virginia ranks 68 in the nation in and passion that have to. It's our rushing defense. So there are gonna have their work cut out forums so I mean the defense is gonna have their hands -- but. If we're gonna look at the bright side near the offense is a perfect twelve for twelve in the red zone they have seven touchdowns five field goals so far this season which is really that's. That's an impressive stat to sit to go with for the Virginia Cavaliers so hopefully they can continue that this weekend with -- up. With their new quarterback Michael Rocco and Kevin parks are running back is still continues to impress. But I think I think we'll be finding it's one of four straight games at Scott stadium coming up for Virginia. I think it'll be good to get him back come get him comfortable with the crowd and I think they'll be airing. That gave -- 330 kick off right here. On Comcast sports net again a full slate of action wanna give -- that's the 330 game and then a few hours later seven James Madison. And William and Mary right here on Comcast sports net from shall Gordon on Sebastian -- thanks for checking us out here on CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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