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Lunchbox Live: Stacy Cason joins Rocky as the Redskins get set for the Cowboys-9/26



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Mon, 26 Sep 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. And good morning happy Monday September 26. To another edition of what spot labs and you by The Washington Times today I have one Dallas vs Cowboys week about the Cowboys vs Redskins week Stacy Cason thanks for coming along. All along we're going to be talking strictly -- and nothing else watch the game tonight and we all that all the talk of the town. The resurgence of -- in the excitement of skins vs Cowboys. Week is here again it's been a -- that you know the energy has been in the air -- -- about Monday Night Football happening on the excited. Skin their undefeated yes -- Arlington Atlanta all of -- friends all my faithful know that Dallas cowboy fan this week you pass up until today I hate you. Do I talked to me left something to congratulate the -- let's jump right into it Tony Romo will play with a flak jacket. Austin miles will be out Felix Jones I try to go. I think we have a good a shot -- don't I. Think -- hit an you know their offense the running game isn't looking -- -- there. Averaging 2.3 yards a carry so that's going to be key if the Redskins can establish their running game against them. Mean obviously they have a really good defense. But I think that this is this is the best chance the Redskins. In a while yeah. And I think what conversely on our side of the ball for running He -- -- hightower going to be critical and He -- because you'll be giving hightower spelled just like you did last week exactly really good for as far as throwing the the defense off. And the markets where even setting himself. That they are basically the same player. So they can guess the Redskins can run it all area for the entire game and it's just like. It's it's really hard to cover because there but discerning and understand and there's not one players getting tired yeah it's there out in great. Well with that being said the defense that ball for the Washington Redskins obviously would have -- and we have Orakpo. We have all been talking like crap this week about hitting on Romo in the ribs but we also have possibly it'll be game time decision Rondell coming back. Please mr. Lincecum because I don't know if you -- out on the field. And a and you can't imagine He would miss -- in turnarounds and it's such a big game and I I honestly think that. That -- -- sealer on and play a lot of people worried about the rough that He had because of the plate to -- ten last season era and but for me frankly. A bad -- Landry is a better. Three legged out Reed Doughty for me so I I don't care what it takes it all cost. With a bad arm hamstring with a bad knees or Achilles then and I just once in Arlington -- exactly and -- -- he's naturally. One of the best players -- conceal it -- everybody that's on the defense please do whatever it takes have a ceremony just get on out there because you are better defense with him. Chris Cooley will He be effective -- article at Fred Davis pull the reins off him and let them. I really -- island Fred Davis just get out there and do his thing He is so good this season so far He is on the verge of a break -- season and they'll let. Chris Cooley just because of his last year exactly. Get get balls that. He can't be as effective because He just -- islands -- still rusty miss the pre season and it it would be just sat time to get. And then again everyone out there Redskins nation have nothing against Chris -- I mean it all that I forehand and a trade. But let's -- Fred Davis -- this thing because He showed -- but the last couple weeks he's shown it he's a critical part of our offense and when He isn't there He does effective work. Hum the red zone execution is a problem on the Redskins have and that's what we're about we get we are getting to the reds got the zone. But we are not pushing and getting the points that we need. Exactly I think they -- of what kids seven last week errands and that is not good and you cannot. Be relying on and Graham you know to get you -- -- He needed to getting it here. You -- -- getting touchdowns Perez and especially in Dallas -- -- against that defense I mean. I wouldn't put my line. And I knew anything about Graham earlier but he's always been something in the back of my mind Graham. We know that you've kicked your way to a starting position on the team in the pre season -- Here tonight is when it counts because it could come down to the last up playing a game if that's what I I Taylor and I predictions. Twenty salmon at 24 Redskins pretty close to my 1717. -- watching the good guys left -- and Trent Williams this is another critical piece to the game -- when I've been getting beat like a drum a couple of games ago but -- When you think will be his daylight would think the markets where because DeMarcus Ware is coming to play He is gonna play and you know they've just been. They -- -- willingness. All week and is saying that. You know Rob Ryan has DeMarcus Ware all over the field to me he's so unpredictable and He may not not necessarily always go up against Trent Williams exactly and so it's just is have to be on your -- is the entire game. And just. Used to break to -- very surprising thing -- as far as. You know the X-Factor who come up big -- game that we haven't really talked about. I mean it may be. Santana Moss had like a huge and outings he's had for up prior to games when mark went up from past and things that -- doubts before. Exactly I'm looking for and then like SN. Last week He is my fans -- -- -- Austin while looking for good and all of backing of his crap talk like trash talk where it caught up. In hitting the miserable in the ribs and having a fumble recovery or a big games or interceptions you know. I mean. He's poised to look at the alignment. That Dallas has if they're not engineered an experienced and I mean it. -- -- -- Two rookies and yeah and ran around them that can read their running game isn't good so he's gonna have to throw -- to witness and just try to pass and I just can't. And mean -- -- hall's time. -- now off the game for it for the Watson is an area DMV how do you think the area will the courier will react once we hit the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's it's gonna be. Beds in London -- belongs in sixteen and. -- Washington Redskins bombs and flip -- and that's -- ladies and gentlemen out into the streets we wanted to win that well my particular. And I haven't pitchers taken. A what happened we find out what night at you know it's twittering -- jolly tonight it's a very original handle Stacy Cason. And I -- that -- -- you can also find it. On lunch box flat on FaceBook. And I. I am looking forward to eight or nine for the pre game images and I'm excited I'll be there. All night all right well I'll be back our talk about the wind and a couple of things I am rock compared -- the case and this is lunch box labs and you -- Washington times. Have a great day in and do whatever angle equally that. CSN Washington dot com.

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