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DeAngelo Hall addresses his Monday night comments-9/28



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Wed, 28 Sep 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Ian Ashburn Virginia and Kelly 48 hours after DeAngelo Hall sound that off is -- a calmer cooler corner today. Well you know I -- D'Angelo hall is never been one to shy away from controversy in fact usually He smack in the middle of it. And what do you like his honest here not -- have to respect how much she cares deal -- has such a passion for winning. That's not the takes over and so just two days after calling out his defensive coordinator. -- called his own press conference today to face the fire. You know Nomar was called you know we got to go and execute. You know not cut out the what I say that at the game among a set a couple of bombs and in between that. But. But I definitely did say I definitely did say that you know no matter what's called gotta go and excuse. DeAngelo Hall takes great pride in being a team captain and playmaker on defense. Which is like giving up Monday night's game changing play on Jim's hands it's all out blitz call had a -- you mean after the game. -- might have been a little sense. Pass -- about football. Definitely two put it was a board game we should -- -- Was was pretty frustrated you know the Cowboys might actually. -- below broke a couple of things than this so I don't know -- -- give bill credit but. Army not the one that Watson is similar to fill coach -- west who heads home. You know it was it was a couple things -- that could've done a lot better. In fact. If if we had to do it all over Jimenez so many is so many guys -- that want to do plated could've played in a lot better. Must include you know like -- -- take I take full responsibility for that but you know at the -- not to sit down here and his you know his reasoning behind it. You know. If formal men up front -- you know what I try to do the same thing trying to get the ball lot of guys is -- -- And it's tough was the count was loss will be to get past no one blames movers Penske greens if anything his teammates respect his mentality. Because no one expects more of himself and the Redskins the number 23. He played this game depression and He plays his game from his art. And a lot of times that allows them to be as great as He is when you catch individually there. Home after He just suffered a tough loss sometimes things come out that you necessarily want to come out. That you and I just couldn't get it out my knee and you know are just couldn't get that clear how many couldn't do it you know the whole game moment because they haven't seen beat like bit. You know and that Kamal were to win is -- frustrated man you know his foot straight I think a lot of us you know we have fun doing this good you notices this is what we do this -- pass. And -- habits relationship appears to be just -- the -- here from the Mike Shanahan meanwhile would not discuss his conversation with this corner but He did admitted to at times having said things after games in the heat of the moment. That He also later regretted -- We've heard what did those reaction to hasn't scored about the head coach Mike Shanahan. We don't like she and talked about the call the opposite point in the fact that they've had a number of success with that call right Kerrigan's pick 61 of those against the Giants another play against the Arizona Cardinals but He course said. Any time something doesn't work you always second guess it but again that was in the whole reason they lost this game. CSN Washington dot com.

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