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Ivan Carter talks baseball with Bip Roberts-9/28



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Wed, 28 Sep 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Could give thanks for joining us saw out there in the Bay Area CSN bay area of the appreciate it man. Just a quick thought and excitement of the baseball playoffs but nationals fans are hopeful for the future they finished eighty and 81 straws -- -- -- great outing today. Do you see the -- is being close to competing. You know as I watched a young team I see a team has really understands how to play any game you know -- they -- worth over. But the bottom line is that all the young guys seem to start stepping up and went out and say when I watch -- shortstop third base outfield. Me a lot of players so there are some athletes not just guys who can do one thing but they could do a lot of things over -- so. You know the bottom line is you have the nucleus to go out there can't put a good team on the -- and any future ace back I mean that that's incredible. Guy comes back from Tommy John and still able to throw 9596. Mile per hour. It seems like his control has gotten a lot better and I think he's really -- understand. What the break and boss can do for him trying to use our speed to offset that good 96 mile per hour fastball. -- we're here we're excited about that and hopefully to be in the playoffs and Tom Basel for the Washington Post actual proposal to expand maybe at a wild card to each to lead. Do you like that idea or do you like the system the way it is. Well you know I come from the old school where it was just east and the west -- and so. When they expanded and added the center of a -- while what does that do for baseball. But added that wild card and so. Every one from the first game of the season. To the last game of the season each and every city gets to enjoy baseball. As long as the team is -- it because they are always trying to get to that last spot. Which is the wild card so as we see right now it's a lot happened with that wild card cities are still excited about it baseball's excite about it I'm excited about it so. I don't know if you wanna add more teams to it now. I'm still appearance -- hard. And so maybe that will work but I really like it the way it is because it seems as though there's a lot of competition from the first had a season to the last day of the season. Don't know how they're the bay area of folks don't have a team that we don't have a team in here. Room for him leaning towards the Milwaukee Brewers just because it's been so long since the Brewers broke through I remember the World Series and 82. Give me your team should get behind him and is it maybe the Brewers. Well you know I like the Brewers -- member of France when He was a kid I was friends with his dad -- way back in college and I remember when He was born so. How would -- of Milwaukee because. You know back in the midwest right now because times are tough and maybe something that they can count on each and every day and the Milwaukee Brewers have been a great story. Haven't said that so have the Detroit Tigers beat this team has done something. No one expected them to do but what really talked about them but they -- essential and is still quiet on that front so. Those are the two teams I'm kind of -- for although my mind says it's going to be a -- Yankee type of series. Bottom line is if you wanna rule fourteen. And you say you know what let's go to the grass -- -- before team hasn't been there in a long time. Milwaukee is a choice anytime there's a team named after beer go with that. Bill that. And you ever get to you yeah stop I'll buy -- and a -- -- -- Man out -- to right -- -- I could do csnwashington.com.

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