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  1. Kevin Harvick0:19, 0:39, 2:01
  2. Denny Hamlin1:09
  3. Kurt Busch2:09
  4. Carl Edwards1:57
  5. Kyle Busch0:56
  6. Jeff Gordon1:41
  7. NHL1:34
  8. Talladega3:24
  9. Tony Stewart1:49
  10. Daytona2:57
Thu, 6 Oct 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. When I look over had to buy as little bit because it's done in ohrnberger. In the -- it's been a long time it has thanks for evident that always great to have you here. Were three races into the chase -- of a talk about the overall standings though first part. Few weeks ago Kevin Harvick was in the lead we started off He still in the lead. Under which on the spot already how is this thing to shake out who's gonna win this thing we you know. All the changes they've made over the last few years in the points -- films the chase adding taken away making it and try to make him more exciting. It's still comes down to being consistent. And Kevin Harvick has been the most consistent. Week in and week out throughout the season. And he's been awful consistent the last three races not spectacular but consistent and I still think somebody they can be the most consistent over the -- through the chase will win it so -- -- one of the favorite. But yet again like Kyle Busch was right there among the leaders He has dropped down to eight after three races. Is He out of it and who are some of the guys who were out of it right now who you think. Don't have a chance well. I still think. Everybody had the chief except for Denny Hamlin you know I'll let Hamlin thing and whether they got angle into a psychiatrist. You know because they've really lost that case last year. If the championship was there they made a bad couple bad calls it a couple of the late races it really cost in the championship and when a team has that happened. It really. Takes away their Mo -- -- -- man home and then the swagger that they need to have to win a championship so he's trying to find that an NHL and you know they're not they've they've made the chase but they're not doing much in there. Again my guys you know. You've got Jeff Gordon rolled in here really strong at the end the season. But he's flat out he's not he's not getting it done so somebody consistent Tony Stewart wins two races. But He easily. Dating show up for over last week so somebody like that you have to be consistent Carl Edwards come to the front the we have again you got Kevin Harvick and -- bush wins last week right. But he's consistent every week he's right there in the chase are my favorites are either Kevin Harvick or Kurt Busch -- gonna get this done. Going from -- to Kansas this week how do you see Kansas shaken out as we go to the fourth race -- there's -- -- like the monster mile so those guys it's a tough weekend when you go around there for 500 laps but Kansas is a great track. There are a lot of different winners from guys in the chase it's it took it took its easy track to run these guys just needed to stay out of trouble and be. Be consistent. And again the front runners are going to be there so you know it's all about consistency so it ought to be a good weekend. Again after this week will be talking next week. Will will know who really is gonna go to the front who's not let me -- to one question and all of our viewers one now. What has Donny Newman -- been up to since we last saw -- that's good question but. Hey we started the season we -- six races okay we had a great Daytona we went to Vegas some you know it's all. Everybody knows the economy everybody knows what's going on so we got half our our deal done and you know -- had a had a situation where the money wasn't there that He won -- there's -- do so we kind of had to take a step back. But I'm working on my foundation I'm really proud and honored that to have that -- a 501 C three now so we're looking for support for that to take care families with cancer and visit to kids. But we are going to Talladega and a few weeks here so look out for a us in the number sixteen truck we ought to be strong and good so a couple local sponsors the back and play the real quick sharp. Four quick guys that come will be on the truck a local company a Kinchen came here how many people haven't heard of that place Tony and and Todd I got to take -- me there so -- when we're looking forward to it. One more question. I can do it now for a logo that was that was the question managed you know when I was at that Hoosier JP. I think I'm still ready strongly got a great sponsor but they're like black car out lumber and Boras I'd get behind anyway so my mind not a -- but I thought that -- Don't know where they as a realist if I'm Michael thanks for having night that's -- and we thank you guys. Csnwashington.com.

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