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Fri, 7 Oct 2011|

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CSN Washington dot com. Welcome into our Comcast sports net studios for another edition of our college football preview. I'm Brian Dixon here joined by our -- what producer -- show Gordon now. Last week the military -- Charlotte against the tells the team that on Paper they should have beaten very easily now. The terps are currently less in the ACC in total defense in this week. The person to Georgia Tech team that's averaging 51 points per game. Do they even have a chance. -- I mean I cant be any more honest they -- have a chance. I would love for them to prove me wrong I it's a true we would love for them to prove me wrong but I don't think they're going to I just. Statistically they're completely out match there's they just don't have any kids I think it's going to be embarrassing down there. Randy -- that on this teleconference earlier today at somebody after the He had a magic number He said if we can hold him at 300 yards rushing it -- the -- So even coaches setting them up first in a setting everybody up or don't expect much -- But this Georgia Tech team is ridiculous I mean I was just telling somebody earlier that you know. They haven't had a good passing game honestly since Calvin Johnson was there and that was before Paul Johnson came in with a triple option so. This is the first time that we're seeing them not just have the running game lined up the passing game as well it's just make them. Unbelievably. Hard to beat and it that they're impressive team they really are some. Like all three were ACC teams are struggling here. She takes coming off -- 22 to three loss to Clemson now in that game that often it's really really struggle so. What can quarterback Logan Thomas do to get this Virginia Tech offers them contract. I I don't know yet I. I think the biggest thing right now this team. Is they're gonna have to -- the defense the defense has done well. All season long they continue to get better. So they're gonna really have to rely on their defense and they're going up against Miami team with quarterback to -- here it's you don't know what court which to Corey you're gonna get. They gonna get the red hot to Corey Harris that completes the majority of his passes or. Are you gonna get the quarterback to Corey -- -- you run both Lee is gonna have at least three interceptions against. So and by the way that secondary licking their chops right now waiting for Corey -- come in the lane stadium. Good thing is they're dealing with a new defensive tackle they lost Antoine Hopkins for the season last week unfortunately so. That got true freshman Corey Marshall who. For the record came here and committed on our air last year pre kid. He's getting the start this weekend against Miami but they're gonna be rotating guys in that position -- because they're facing one of the biggest offensive lines they'll face off season in Miami. So it's going to be a tough contest but. I'm go out right. Now we're gonna talk about navy a little bit another coming off. Almost rally last week He came back from eighteen down in the fourth quarter just before falling to air force in overtime and so. The -- haven't lost three in a row since going back to 2002. So what did you need to do against southern miss to prevent losing that -- sure game. They need to get past the airport slots that overtime loss to air force was unbelievable I mean let's face -- that call. Her that unsportsmanlike penalty in overtime was cracked. You can't make that call and see if you can not make that call. Overtime in that situation. At home especially when He did you really do anything. I'm resting players -- so much worse after you know with the that would warrant an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. That was not it they are gonna be doing it without their fullback Alexander T. She's also won a co captain he's not going to be playing Saturday. Because the disciplinary reasons we know coach -- not to Lola does not tolerate. Anything I mean the academy doesn't tolerate anything but. They just like I said they're biggest. I think. Their biggest obstacle this weekend would be themselves. And now for a CAA game of the week we get -- thing. We've got Richmond now in your college notes from the newsroom which you can get to a season Washington dot com at 610. Marilyn didn't win that game against thousand towels and lost that game against the zone so what did south and take from that experience going forward against Richmond. Don't turn the ball over it's that simple don't turn the ball over and rob Ambrose house and head coach would tell you that as well can't turn the ball over to Ireland negate. So now they go back home they faced they've got a tough team coming to town in Richmond who's coming off a tough loss to James Madison last weekend. So Richmond coming in they wanna get back on tract house and let's get back on track. They've played really well on the gonna have a great great crowd at united stadium. I feel I I feel like I've been saying that every week but it really is a Felix each week is as a week it's a good test for these Tigers to really kind of a litmus test it to see where they are to see where they stand. But there's definite lesson that they can take from that Maryland game. And you know and elegance -- and we'll see what happens. We'll see what happens well that's gonna do it for a college football preview will show Gordon I'm Brian Jackson thanks for checking in with this on CSN Washington that -- CSN Washington dot com.

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