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Virginia coach Mike London on facing Al Groh and Georgia Tech-10/12



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Wed, 12 Oct 2011|

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She is in Washington dot com. And welcome back now after a week off the Virginia Cavaliers are back at the office -- this week's challenge trying to slow down the triple option attack of Georgia Tech. Which does the rest of the country has found out is no easy task. The Yellow Jackets are ranked second in the nation in both total offense and rushing offense and first in passing passing yards per attempt. And the third down conversions. I spoke with head coach Mike London earlier this evening about the return of former head coach. Al groh who is now the jackets defensive coordinator. Professionally it's it's it's dated you know there appeared on an away game a conference game trying to win a game and then you know Baltimore standpoint it is reviewed it. You know it's a home games homecoming. You know conference game for us you know outside of that you know obviously you know and there's human emotions that are taxed a lot of things in. If people can talk about that but I have a tremendous drivers respect for coach groh. You know He hired me in the promoted me within the organization. And so you know these blogs are responsible for a lot of things that have occurred to -- professions so. You know the respect it's there and -- and also be on the on that you know he's hit -- taken on that Virginia and we're trying to. We're trying to get our teams ready to win a football game that's that's Panama I'm sure in his mind in my mind. But you know after the game and then maybe have the know that -- shaking hands and that in the pleasantries but right now trying to get our teams ready to us to win a football game. CSN Washington dot com.

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