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Hail Yeah!: The inception of a Philadelphia 'Dream Team'-10/13



  1. Jason Babin2:26
  2. Asante Samuel1:32
  3. Vince Young1:18
  4. World Series0:58
  5. Joe Banner0:30
  6. Pro Bowl1:30
  7. Todd Pinkston0:50
  8. Eagles0:30, 0:34, 0:40
Thu, 13 Oct 2011|


CSN Washington dot com. Okay. Hearing clip from hell. Oh we got. Philadelphia Eagles executive Joe Banner with us tonight we're going industry it's a screw up the Eagles franchise. This is an Eagles Green basement. A dream Britain's number one any Super Eagles and here is where I plan my off season strategy. And this is where you drafted Todd Pinkston. Let's get started let's get started. Wouldn't wanna do is -- -- follow the Phillies blueprint we all know they're going the World Series sign all the free -- can find unbelievable all the headlines. And with a very important that you lock Michael -- up now delightful for huge dollars I mean as many years as you can he's indestructible He knows -- play every down of that contract. And don't even worry about can handle all of the linemen he's so fat Phil out on anything anyway. You know who make a great eagle Vince Young he's just the kind of mature even heady player that can stabilize the locker room. And linebackers are dime a dozen -- and Rory -- in any of those guys just in cornerback. Bring in Pro Bowl quarterbacks they're gonna look great next Asante Samuel nobody wherever your run defense nobody would run the ball near Philly mournful passing over -- does and it as an all fail safe. Ligament in the Cowboys. And won anything and fifteen some years now between -- his friend franchises. You want you want big names for Jersey sales to meet you so much rich and popular. Don't be afraid to saddle the franchise with astronomical expectations when they never were miserable before in their history it just makes sense that you can buy your way to a rule. Worked for us. -- realized something. We're both here in the dream how we supposed to get back out. A country. It's -- then I got the blueprint. We need to sign everybody Jason Babin Colin Jenkins. And that guy with a funny name on the Raiders. 081 more thing. Michael bit. -- my hundred million dollars. CSN Washington dot com.

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