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  1. Jeff Gordon0:44, 0:50, 1:05
  2. Kevin Harvick1:26, 1:43
  3. Carl Edwards1:26, 1:40
  4. Jimmie Johnson0:10
  5. Michael Jenkins2:46
  6. Tony Stewart0:46, 1:04, 1:14
  7. Talladega2:11
  8. Charlotte0:33, 1:32, 1:53
  9. Baghdad0:32
Thu, 13 Oct 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. Behind the wheels back and so does my good friend Donna good -- Donna good to have him back to be back Michael thanks for -- me always great to have you here. Jimmie Johnson had a great week last week 55 win of his career he's now four points out of the chase. Can you put his career in perspective after yet another went five times in a row now you cannot put in perspective. Everybody's worried the fans -- wanting to win six he's knocking on the door again I don't know what to say but. Let's not get too exciting yet it's only one race. I mean it be Baghdad Charlotte motor speedway next week will be -- that he's gonna win six in a row so we don't wanna see that. They wanna see it for the fans I think that they had to get upset so we'll see what happens that's why they race that's right. Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart ran in the top five for most of last week and they fell out. And Jeff Gordon in particular had a rough go he's now 47. Points out of the -- he's going for -- drive for five is He out of it now. He's not out of it. But for him to win it He now needs help in that makes it tough to the deal is this. Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon -- They made their own mistakes you know that having a blown motors not Jeff Gordon's fault but it's a team mistaking you can't do that. Tony Stewart is running in the top five finishes fifteenth you cannot. Do that and win a championship so they're they're gonna be pretty upset and now they both can win it but they need help. Carl Edwards Kevin Harvick now neck and neck -- the top of the chase standings one point separates the two minute we get ready for Charlotte what do you anticipate having this week. Well first off Rick dramatic told me personally. You he'd rather be lucky being good. So Carl Edwards and Kevin Harvick both have had luck and that's what they'll take to win this championship so either one of those guys it's all they keep a lot bill and it's taken since it. They will one of those guys could win it. Charlotte analyze it then getting better than that so what do we say I think I think the guys that need to finish well won't race conservative I think the guys that need to have a good run. They know that they need help might take chances so it's always exciting on the lights it ought to be good. Now you personally you're getting ready for Talladega tells about that -- kind of excited you know we we had a slow summer so we're excited to get back into the race and I love the truck series so we're gonna run Halladay effort eagle convenience stores I'm headed to Charlotte later this weekend. And gonna get fitted for the truck on Monday and we'll head out by Thursday and now see what we can do next weekend. I just whenever we're not I don't get excited -- -- you're on the track I get excited to get delight when you're the track that's when I get so. One thing about it is loses then they always pretty but we do we do try to may get excited so we appreciate all the support and look forward to it. That's done a -- murder of Michael Jenkins and that is behind the will. CSN Washington dot com.

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