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Sun, 16 Oct 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

What a fifth 36 running of the Marine Corps marathon. The fifth largest US marathon. And the ninth largest in the world. Dubbed the people's marathon. You see a walker and 40000 registered runners this weekend. The next few moments we'll provide information on how to get the most out of your marathon weekend. The health and fitness expo presented by G team will be running from Thursday afternoon October 27. Through Saturday October 20 ninth at the DC armory. There's plenty of free parking easy natural access. Runners will visit each packet pick up tent outside Virginia before entering the armory to receive the coveted him see him shirt. And stroll through more than 200 vendors including the latest in home technology running and fitness such as the Marine Corps marathon bookstore. And all runners who. We'll see Begin to see him of this program spectators -- mom -- mixture of UPS -- sticker and of course your vehicle timing device. Tiny tank should not be. But instead should remain attached to the road course side of the did. I'm fifty mark every five here's a look -- -- Marines marathon dot com. Who's taken me to complete the emergency medical contact information on the back. If you -- checking in a drag on race day planned to attach your UPS -- to -- outside of the clear bag you proceed with your shirt. Use this bag on race day to check any items. Marathon runners may drop their bags in runners village ten K runners -- check their bags at the start line. On the National Mall all bags will be available for pickup. In the finish festival. Marathon morning -- assists don't want open at five. Purchasing one day pass to cut down your time in ticket lines and be sure to keep your -- drive race today. Here's a list of recommended stations. Pentagon station to access -- on starting line and runners still. Smithsonian station faults and team owners Crystal City station from mile markers 22 and 23 in the family fun spectator festival. And Rosalind station for the finish line ponson cemetery stations will be close on marathon morning -- third. -- parking is available and Crystal City at 23 street and crystal drive. With the convenient shuttle service to -- village post three -- holes and taxis will be. From his best there is no shuttle for the ten K. Once runners village located pentagon north parking lot block access to the UPS bad -- -- serving. And what did you guys along with the exclusive brooks VIP fortified. Also runs through once in store. Location and lineup for the -- and in the appropriate -- based upon the anticipated finish time. Race morning opening ceremonies Begin at 720 wheelchair starter at 745 which one is watching when Howard's blast that eight. He simply -- starts at eight on the National Mall. Whereas when those small change civilians He imports this year including me closer to the Pentagon's -- line. The different route around the with the memorial and the tour both sides. It's happened. The course features twelve -- points where you can both get water and Gatorade. There are full of food stations as well we'll -- half mile nine flu shot in did you jails at mile twelve. We sport means that -- heat team and don't condone that most games while going through. There -- ten medical stations spread throughout the course -- must meet soon requirements and tour the good news reports. The -- -- miles Simpson and a half and the second. He's too -- the bridge and -- mile twin. Brewers must maintain a fourteen minute mile pace to successfully -- these -- expansion team in Sonoma. -- throughout the -- -- will be more than twenty live entertainment zones along with the men and women of the United States Marine Corps. Cool award each finisher -- for -- didn't see him eagle globe and incremental there. Or water get away foolproof and could forfeit that spot will be provided that the finish line. -- marathon photos will be positioned to take -- -- by the Marine Corps war memorial. Spectators it's a new round quality access to the finish area from bonds. He needs to with the exclusively for runners not spectators that crossover from Fairfax drive to Arlington bowl able to reach the finish viewing area. Indy finish -- the -- can enjoy complimentary please please the Sox. This is also where you could heat up with supporters in the family come. We'll go results at the age He checked -- -- station or grab some food -- -- -- restaurant world. There's a lot more including live performance from normally Wear -- -- exclusive beer garden Dunkin' Donuts markers and He signed. And have you seen him finish your store. GE will be distributed special -- So the Marine Corps marathon on line live results are tracking all day Green marathon dot com. Your personal -- web site goes live Sunday evening. CSN Washington dot com -- video of every runner crossing the finish line. Plus there's a lot of ways to track -- through social media. Brothers sign up for your splits posted on your FaceBook page in tweet get out to all your followers. The marathons lead runners -- are -- throughout the morning on the -- see him FaceBook page. If you are tweeting during the NCA a week in and use hash -- 36 -- see him. In your -- will be followed on super screens at the expo race headquarters hotel and finish line. If you're not a part of the community yet join the conversation on Begin CM official FaceBook page. What ninety minute live coverage of authorities in the Marine Corps marathon here on Comcast sports net beginning at seven. Fought through the starting gun ball by periodic updates throughout the race morning. -- in the Geico sports net central Sunday evening at -- for recap of the entire day we'll know. You may even get yourself on TV. Congratulations on your participation in the 36 running of the Marine Corps marathon. Imagination. -- It's powers beyond measure. Imagination as the season. Helps -- see. But we couldn't before. It provides funding. -- -- Come within reach. You can imagine. No imagination. What is the value zero. -- -- Europa league teams in our environment. -- -- -- -- Suddenly. Zero start time. Which is why we at least until the car inspired by zero. Because Europe is worth more than nothing. Sure it is worth everything. Zero gas 100% electric Nissan leaf. Innovation for the planet innovation girl yeah. Yeah.

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