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Ivan Carter 1-on-1 with NASCAR driver Darrell Wallace Jr.-10/17



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Mon, 17 Oct 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. It's good racing game it would Darrell Wallace. He's common up big he's going to Joseph Gibbs racing next year for the Nationwide Series but -- I would pick as a whole sports talk about sports we're talking about. Danny -- tragedy in the IRL. You do this Manny behind their will what your thoughts when you see this match. Which is on that enough rather watch the video on YouTube and in us and horrific crash and saying you know fifteen car pile up physicists. It makes you think about life image thing about next senators in traffic to make those smart decisions and be patient not really force that issue until the time has come but. It's is that -- his skate press to watch and you know tragic loss not to -- -- residents out of the world. Then you've been doing this it yourself since you were nine years old you know. Inherently hey we get on that will as risky but it's also part what you love about the speed and what what attracted you to it as a young man. Well and I'll play about four run out and -- my dad -- holidays and -- non Catholics are hopeful for starters He. He raced their cars are -- our house and him by this outcome watch -- when we can and we. Decided to do it ever since two what's that race so -- the next race was like they're following weekend and I was like a national -- so we went right towards them. -- I didn't really come out well what there was a lot of -- -- -- unique unique position that the youngest driver when He can answer pro series of it the first African American job to do that. It does put you unique position because people don't look at people like us and assume. Or your race car driver what you from that part of the country is very popular how do you handle that balance of the people maybe a surprise and then hey I'm just a driver to. Yeah -- this kind of both mean you get people that are finally knowledge and it and then out. -- -- walking around I walked up to Joseph gives the shop and I was a pro when I was going to do but you know some fans damage to a shop and I'll walk and they get shot actually. And there's -- like mr. Wallace junior and counseling -- its pretty cool and then I am actually so. It's finally I'm trying to get my name out there -- it has worked in and so. That's just what I wanna just about to have fun win races and you know you people know me a lot more -- -- bombers and that's when it's out there Purcell and stuff so. He recorded him see some die cast cars in line and stuff caught up in the near future but first thoughts got to him go out there and do it. Yeah attitudes because the sport as a whole like a lot of sports that we took what was NHL trying to get more people involved wanna why in the -- In young folks like yourself can bring more people to that I mentioned all the way Twitter at. Are the driver diversity event going on at Langley speedway Hampton that -- between this week. You're you can do that program it's a good way of getting some young female and our people color in the sport. Opportunities to -- that is. It's it's very important I mean. It's Madonna went sports so we're going out there trying to make -- -- -- so trying to brands in the McCain brand new -- sport and that's our job itself. Gotta win races I want Bob Sweeney to move over the two years and we won six of the twelve this year mean my teammates -- your opinion so we we out of a really good seasons so it was there was also meant. It's been noted ought to have fun with that is what it's all about you know showed young kids that we can do it this is so they can do it -- -- -- in the sport -- trying to. It does cost a lot but. You know what you don't -- you know -- first go carts on the monitor hooked and so. He's got to keep pushing your pants that they get the next weekend and you know eventually when you know being good assortment of their expulsion concert assuming things -- to -- -- an extra expenses that's right so if you have a sponsor than you know you kind of tough. And what that for sure that you know you finish first raced a matter or gender mr. -- who wins you do everything we're gonna follow that you do great things. Keep an eye on this young man also mention again that events going on another drive for diversity of Langley speedway if you're down that public corruption watch children know you do. Go check it out over their heads a little while you're young man to get at do you -- junior number six and drive the -- the Nationwide Series pretty soon. See with the big boys struck. Acute. CSN Washington dot com.