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Russ Thaler talks Redskins QB's with Ivan Carter and Mike Wise on NBC Sportstalk-10/18



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  2. Mike Shanahan1:14, 2:22, 2:33
  3. Charlie Johnson5:14
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Tue, 18 Oct 2011|

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CSN Washington dot com. Twelve beyond 500. Learn more at -- USA. The NFC -- and -- long time it pretty good once again the Giants lead and now the Cowboys. Win over. What do you like Grossman coming up those four interceptions against the Eagles. Let's bring in Mike why is columnist for the Washington Post and Ivan Carter the host the Washington Post live. On Comcast sports net mid Atlantic and Michael start when you -- you got. Becker Grossman. I'm going with racks for us then and here's why. Rex Grossman. Has gone from I know -- -- I know the NFL is a one week referendum. But Rex Grossman the name has gone from leader of the three and one team to a guy who was shockingly predicted the Redskins to win the NFC's. Two for the -- named Rex Grossman now meaning an infectious disease in Washington. And and I think it's too much it's too much of -- stretch the one thing Mike Shanahan has stood for since He got the Washington is continuity. If you just gonna fire the quarterback after a lousy performance. And put in John Beck who looked. As BYU quarterbacks go back of the way quarterbacks go he's not Ron Amadon in San Francisco. I think it's a little risky this this point in his career. I've why why is it's amazing he's coming from the guy who would -- a Patrick Ramsey as a Redskins quarterback remember those days when you talk -- that. The -- Rex Grossman is actually -- -- -- isn't what it. You've got to make a little what you gotta make a move. 23 games in his career now -- tour more journal was more moisture over again with two out his career. Niger was this season. You've got to make the should've gotten a lot who has -- one what's going on you could always go back to Iraq's. But you've got to go to job back the -- building went to offensive linemen out now she was true wins a left tackle. That you can -- about that bootleg in that Shanahan likes so much you've got to make it's only logical bad things could always go back relax. But where where you were your argument is flawed -- the mobility part because of the left side of the line where your argument is flawed Ivan is it. Mike Shanahan is now have three quarterbacks. In 22 games in Washington if John Beck and in fact starts on Wednesday. John -- better be good because Mike Shanahan is staked his reputation on both of these guys. And and this becomes a LeapFrog situation all season Colledge Jason rader and Steve -- line and Oakland -- Shanahan back in the day or Joseph Gibbs was. They have a problem in that locker room and so I think it's a little early and I know the Rex Grossman had an awful game. I also think. Garcia has. I know that either but He -- it 46 starts in the NFL and it's doing our job. -- can't accept. -- career -- that means he's done this before. He's insurer over machine we've seen enough correct his arms -- is lacking. He's not a great shape no government is that is guys' prime opportunities crucial little -- out of shape. He can't get away from the rush he's not a guy who can make things I've ever breaks down you two offensive linemen out. But the starter and short Williams you've got -- got back there was a chance who can escape. That's what he's going to start. And -- it back stumbles or gets injured then -- -- offense He can go back there but we've seen enough -- and showman and He is what these kids. Well I'll tell you this -- Rex Grossman is the quarterback. On Sunday. Then that says more about the non belief and John -- for Mike Shanahan -- it does about the belief and Rex Grossman and I think that's a dangerous thing to -- some. Accomplish and do you think about this aspect Kyle Shanahan its his Malaysia for the rest Grossman didn't back when -- -- the Houston Texans that is kind of made this all happened. And now we're sort of wonder at what point does this publisher and an overrule a sudden they look. Were pulled the plug on this is gonna happen I think you can be an option knows what's going on he's made these moves before. So I I don't buy the argument won the -- -- in the offensive coordinator is so tethered to Rex Grossman a guy who we was roommates with once in Houston. That somehow that's gonna make him this guy wants to win football games He knows the guys screwed up last week. I don't think it's the right now I'm with you. It right I'm on but I go the other way of Rex Grossman starts He gets a short leash you give him maybe a quarter. And to be -- move the chains again the end zone and a quarter. Take him out and go right back right back to John Beck. They got -- what a lovely guy they'll see what about the guy who they brought in last year Donovan McNabb only to bench and then let him go in Minnesota. Bill McNabb or ponder and is McNabb is He done Ivan. Yeah yeah I think I look I think He can still be functional quarterback anyone who watched a watched every play of every. Our game of the Minnesota Vikings it's not all on McNabb last week his numbers were not bad. What He can get away from the roster all but someone has amassed tackle Charlie Johnson can't defend anybody. Ponder can get out of the way He can make plays -- his feet he's our athletic guy rushed for 830 some yards in his career Florida State. He's a very athletic guy he's got arm. So you're going to want -- five you have to find out what you have because look at this like He seems winds up and -- sweepstakes. You need to know what you had in your first round pick that you spent -- Christian Ponder last year. It -- us all together. What was a Mike Shanahan like Christian Ponder and was a good drive Christian Ponder has led the Vikings moved up a took about what was that number twelve because they thought. He might not be there for them so weird how this is all kind of -- these two teams together all this quarterback movement. The one thing we agree on I think that this is this a whole quarterback experiment when Mike Shanahan. If it doesn't work out John Beck does not become the guy and Rex Grossman is not the guy any certain himself right now and you've already struck out with the Donovan McNabb would John Beck becomes your third strike in point two games to Mike Shanahan. All food and I think that everybody in Washington and probably run the NFL can agree that Mike Shanahan has brought some accountability some continuity. And seems like some autonomy from ownership. In Washington that wasn't here before but all their progress to me rust and Ivan is undermined. If in fact He cannot find a franchise quarterback in the next two years. It really this goes back to when John Elway decide to retire after that second Super Bowl that was you know Shanahan at his peak. Two back to backs he's not been able to replace him Jake Plummer had one really good year they did they did -- double double play Elsa one year. Brian Griese was okay when you're really into the draft Jay Cutler. He's been looking for the replacement for outweigh any thought He added Cutler and then you know we got fired in Denver so did the search continues here. They don't have a franchise quarterback would be honest. Back right now and I -- best option to beat the Carolina Panthers. I'm gonna go to Washington Post live Mike wise columnist for the lot from those gentlemen. Thank you so much CSN Washington dot com.

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