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Csnwashington.com. Five down five to go down in La. We're halfway there we saw Matt Kenseth get the win last week in Charlotte. And now Carl Edwards has a little bit more of a cushion of five point cushion in the chase for the Sprint Cup is He still got to be. He's on top five points isn't anything I still say my favorites Kevin Harvick I must stick to that OK but. None of them are out of it yet completely so until they start eliminate them probably after Talladega. Everything could be bunched up after that big race and Kevin Harvick courts and second place right now he's certainly right in the thick of it. We look at Jimmie Johnson is is his quest to try to make it six straight. He got loose last week -- about seventy laps to go finished 34 I believe is his chance -- number six over. Well it's like it's like Lisa say it is there it. It's never over till the fat -- things and not I would never count him out like I said it all it would take is one big -- to take all the leaders out. And him have a good finish and he'd be right back in it but He took an awful hard hit this weekend. And probably probably will be the 52 B chip so look you know He. For me it's kind of interesting to see these guys actually record car by themselves in this new cars four inches wider. And you don't see him really wreck on the way the old -- -- used to. So it's interesting to see him actually lose it late in the race like that to have that you showed you how hard He is trying to do it. Go to Talladega this week and it's always exciting restrictor plate racing so you never know what's gonna happen and especially this time around because they've made changes to the restrictor plate. He you know the last. A half dozen races there we've got into this deal where they're running two cars like a train. And it's gotten out of hand to the point where it becomes. Not racing if you have to have help all the time to race you're not going anywhere so these guys definitely put a bigger restrictor plate on it. Cut at a little more -- I think we're gonna see the bigger pack like we used to it ought to be awful awful excited. You've had an incredible week. You got an incredible day actually. Think you -- I don't know what time this morning went to North Carolina He came back He get ready go to Talladega. Yourself tell us about that hit pretty -- you know you've got trouble all morning I'll have to really last night. Drove all day. -- did a shop in Thomasville North Carolina about our outside Charlotte. They had my seat put in the truck I got it off then it got the letter and all that there got to see all the guys talked everybody always like to go look at a car. Report comes that are racetracks I know all my belts fit everything worked out right very exciting. It was part of getting through Bethesda and Rockville traffic back here to see before but it was going down there so pretty excited about it we ought to that we ought to have a great truck -- ought to be a great weekend somewhat fortunate. I wanted to get your take on the passing of -- well and just an awful wreck out Las Vegas that the people are still talking about having to deal with. As a driver when something like that happens already knowing that it's dangerous sport to Begin with. Do you approach a race differently how do you handle the deal is as you know -- -- he's signed away. -- -- oh waivers to get rid this stop so what you gotta do is is as a driver you have to mentally. Just like racing it's a mental sport as much as it is physical. You have to be able to put that out of your mind I remember a real quick story. My first race ever at Daytona International Speedway my teammate got killed on the -- number ten. I had never raced at a super speedway that's sides and that speed. So sitting there under a red flag I had to make a decision you know in my going to be scared and I got to worry about that or -- got to put it out and go back to race and like I've always considered myself to do and that's what I did and they came later we still do it. And you don't worry about it. Very good story and always great to see best of luck this weekend thank you -- rather make you that. See us in Washington dot com.



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