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Redskins Nation: Rich Tandler on the Panthers' weapons-10/21



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Fri, 21 Oct 2011|


CSN Washington dot com. We are back Redskins nation presented by probably Kepler Michael joined by rich Taylor from CSN Washington dot com check out his -- check out his -- is outstanding. If you would before He came moments that means that you thought that this. Matchup with Carolina is a special got a rookie quarterback. Right and the Redskins the last six times going back to 2000. And six that the Redskins have -- two rookie quarterback they have lost. Going back to Vince Young retired I mean it's him Bradford Matt -- Effort there Bruce -- -- yet you say they're -- there do what they're together that's the way I look at it now you look at Cam Newton. A different type of elusive this from Cam -- I mean He is a big kid and He preferred in the pocket. Yeah and He doesn't have. Speed that that Michael Vick can. The same kind of thing you -- you gotta keep an eye on he's a big tall guys six I've got long strides so -- didn't get from here than hers you definitely can't contain him in the pocket. You've had a day to consume a quarterback change. What do you think the day after or do you think this go to work. I I think it's certainly their best shot you know Rex. Certainly he's had his good moments but the bottom line is a start with the Redskins seventeen turnovers. And that man time Regis you know He just can't can't keep on when that so you know what He did beat backed up in the pre season but it wasn't like. He -- him out by a mile you know maybe a little more than a coin flip but it was close enough to where it was and out. But certainly -- back is it is is qualified to go He might have to knock some rust off but let's let's go Steelers got. Finally with rich offensive line that we have a sense yet exactly outlook -- -- do again while that's an intentional my coach in against parties not much here in India. In east which is with -- -- -- Erik cook John likelier you know like you're an experienced guys seven ninth start at right tackle for the Seahawks. -- -- first NFL action last week's -- and have to step up and get. CSN Washington dot com.