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John Beck discusses his admiration of Drew Brees with Kelli Johnson-10/21



Csnwashington.com. What do you think the number one thing is all great quarterbacks -- Competitive. And you just hate to lose you know I believe that there's so many talented people on this -- that can throw the football. It's the people they just wanna win so bad that teammates feel it but the good thing is is you never believe you're out of it. You know I think the great quarterbacks. Doesn't matter for a minute left. You've got to drive and nine yards. There is day this can happen and I can you get it doesn't. -- You know when your backs up against the wall you feel perfectly fine swinging did you feel like you can land a punch and it can be enough opponent Shanahan said you're always looking for difference maker quarterback. His example with Drew Brees. He's a guy that you actually train them what did you learn workings of -- time victories you know Giroux and I had a lot of conversations -- him. The day before I left we sat down for an hour and a half talking. It's been awesome to you know to have that experience withdrew because He didn't have to do it we met once before. Hates me I want to work out with -- -- I want to just be around just wanna learn from here because there's a -- -- -- have to battle some really tough adversity. And I feel like as a quarterback there's always doubters. There's always going to be -- -- is always going to be doubters -- great to be around somebody that has done so much after He went through adversity He found a way to overcome. Well last Sunday of course it's an area talking. The post game show about your play in the fourth quarter before they were talking about your shirts yet your mechanic named tag. Give us the background that. Did you know now I feel like I can't word -- or the I didn't know that was gonna happen earlier Mike -- -- with another team in our. We had like our motto was to have a blue collar work mentality. And everybody on the team was given one of those blue collar you know work shirts with their name on -- and I thought it was awesome. Might I don't know if it's just like the redneck in me. But I came home I showed my wife and she loved it. So I've -- the time I mean it's shown up in Stanley pictures all over the place there's just something about it that something about the people that are that way. Humble hard workers and I've tried to live by that. CSN Washington dot com.


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