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Tue, 25 Oct 2011|


CSN Washington dot com. A stormy Monday and Tuesday is just as bad John -- joined by Comcast sports net's Brian Jackson. Welcome to another edition of lunch box live brought to you by The Washington Times. It was a terrible start of the week for the Redskins who -- those big injuries Santana Moss and Tim Hightower. And a terrible start of the week for the Ravens who lose twelve to seven. Today and Jacksonville Jaguars. And my question for you B Jackson start off the show is is it worse to me the Redskins banged up. And kind of hopeless going forward will be the Ravens an underachieving and knowing it could be so much better. -- that dreadful performance they turned in yesterday I think the Redskins and after the first couple weeks pretty much they are. Now -- -- early and get them while Rex Grossman and -- tons of injuries so. -- answer questions that well Rex Grossman and John back and I just wanted to throw a list of receivers that the Redskins now have. In Moss is absence Jabar Gaffney Anthony Armstrong Donte' Stallworth Terrence Austin Niles Paul. And Leonard -- sent -- those guys doing it for a no nine TO. The I'm not even entertaining notions that we are moving on -- bullpen phone is the villain after the Rangers took me three games to two lead in the World Series. He Jackson cardinals' bullpen coach Derek -- Quist was supposed to twice getting closer Jason mop up in the bullpen. But it did not the first time He was told to in the second time He got lance -- and -- instead so first He did not hear Jason mod that He thought Jason -- sounded like. Lance Lynn that the best part of the story is the Russa went to the mound and called a righty and when showed up and -- vs quote. What are you doing here and how does that happen to a Major League Baseball team towards points. Points thing is is it going to be sure this Derrick will -- as is Andy isn't -- nation meanwhile long this is going on Mike Napoli hit a go ahead two run double Texas goes on. To win four into game six is tomorrow night that moves back to Saint Louis so. The big thing that we are talking about today Brian Jackson our resident NBA expert is the NBA lockout which. Just kind of has this kind of mission -- thing going on where it is getting stretched out more and more now the latest report. NBA set to cancel at least a 102 games to start the season now pushed back to November 28. -- I'm gonna give me a lot of credit you said a few weeks ago that we are in danger of missing the entire NBA season and now that's what. All these mainstream big time media outlets are reporting so where we go from here like I really feel like we're not gonna have. It's just like point language we're not. What and that's the interesting thing that they were talking about. With respect to the owners. I guess -- -- internal squabble. They feel like it's almost worth it to wipe out a season so they can get the kind of agreement that they won one place not to go to -- for the next day. Is that the right move if if you're ownership is that there it's easier. A small market team like Memphis probably is the right move here you know attainment of sneaks and the Lakers Celtics in the pools. And you're making no millions and millions and millions of dollars each year but appears almost smaller market teams like Sacramento's. The minute Sox and you know big warm ups things like that you know you can't really afford to go. Forward to prevent him. This is what fascinates me though because unlike say. The NFL lockout which was very clearly NFL players NFL owners. They're butting heads over how much money each side should get and that's a business decision to leave it up to those guys I'm not -- weigh -- on either side like a lot of people. You know and I'd like to come down one side or another but the NBA is different because it's essentially one group of owners fighting another group of owners. Fighting the players as a whole so. Are the NBA small market teams. For lack of a better -- the bad guy you -- -- I think so and I think that's one thing they -- people aren't that weren't really getting kind of -- -- and small market team people really you know defense in in a sweet -- fashion you know it's hard it's hard to talk bad about small market team it's not fair. Economics of the sport -- fair to them but here we are not playing basketball. They've they've kind of made them all like what we were talking earlier offline. Those teams like San Antony you can't give a guy that. Like Richard Jefferson thirty million dollars when He started two years old right you just shouldn't do that you they've locked themselves into these game deals. And now you know they're paying for. Use them right. Owners the latest that we were hearing -- demanding a 5050 split of revenues as Dallas safeties and down from 57 as well as a hard cap and again my question to you it is let's say that's this hard captain goes off the table just hypothetically because. Salary caps aren't necessarily the fix all that the people make him out today. Sinners no salary cap in basketball can be smaller market teams compete with the big market teams are there enough. Hidden treasures in basketball if they're smart about if they're smart about it and they don't give up those terrible contracts and talking and that's that's what it boils down to you know everybody has the model of Oklahoma State -- -- -- bad -- that -- Anderson the veterans went to Seattle yet when. -- loses in the rail and in the draft and Rashard Lewis here He is that we are now second -- thing and I. Any player and He -- that's amazing in the Wizards of course only took back concert on to get rid of another terrible contract Gilbert Arenas. But it's you do have to think that's what it boils -- that you have to draft well you can -- afford some distracting. If you look at Oklahoma city's core. Now they have pretty much everybody's on the rookie you know they bring in a couple of key -- and keeps Austin. And there and -- ninety. Hate to bring it back to money ball but that's really the only reason -- come on the show to talk about money ball. They set it over and over again if you want to compete with the Yankees. And the Red Sox we can't spend like the Yankees and the Red Sox were playing a different game and -- their play and I paid a lot of these small market NBA owners are trying to play the big boys game when they should be playing different kind of game. You have to bring in the intelligent. Guys in uniform you have to have some of the best depth -- spend money on -- -- and should be used to end. With these big market teams let's say just call it a hundred million dollars you have to spend who do you think is going to put the resources behind spending a hundred million dollars. -- together better than a big market team because they're gonna have. That are guys look at all. All the ways they're gonna spend a hundred million dollars rather than just. You see all the time smaller market teams thinking they have to sign a guy so that they can make a splash pay somebody more money than nowhere. You know just you can come right and it doesn't include coaches general managers scouts and -- personnel heads up is in all of these players lectures like you know. -- flying on charter Jets and indignantly and it's coming out of almost right. Thank you know right there are going to be a luxury cap luxury -- Kapanen and -- let's go to India involved in this thing so well. Brian Jackson here to talk NBA because this is a big story November 28. We might not get any basketball games after that. We'll see where this NBA lockout goes Brian Jackson now overcoming a cold. To come on this side additional challenge box life thanks to some trooper over the counter medications that are very hard to get take that federal government. But we will be back here tomorrow for another edition of lunch box live presented by The Washington Times. CSN Washington dot com.

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