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Lunchbox Live: Is Cooley done as a Redskin?



They're welcoming lunch box live presented by The Washington Times I am John -- joined by Stacy Cason today. As we are talking about the Redskins source somehow trying to cobble together a roster after Chris -- placed on injured reserve just not a good situation for the -- and He. For once you actually feel bad for the skins a lot of times it's you know what they made their -- I got to sleep on it. None of the stuff you really could've predicted Cooley maybe with a knee but. All the other injuries just freak freak injuries really really unlucky and then that brings out the bigger question now. Whiskers on jump -- jumping right into your -- -- Chris Cooley has three point eight million dollar contract for next year. And what a lot of people are saying is that He can essentially be done as a redskin because Fred Davis is wrapping up his rookie deal this year they're gonna have to bring him back. Not a lot of room for. On the east -- I mean he's five years younger yeah you know Chris -- be thirty next year. He's slowing down like you said three point eight million dollars is a lot. To. You know kind of just let I don't someone that you don't know if there. Going to be up to par like they normally are and you have Fred Davis break -- season. And I just really think that you K. You can't really maximize his potential if you give and made an -- contract deal. Just so we don't get too high on Fred Davis I will say this about mr. Davis is having a great year 426 at four to 23 yards through six games so far. But up until this point they've gotten next to zero production out of him as a draft pick 300 some yards Lester 500 some yards there before that 27 yards his rookie year which is when He. Overslept is a Mormon forgot the shops -- happy -- whatever was next and dogged him ever since but. That's really not the kind of production you would want over that four years if you're saying okay well. Fred Davis is breaking out now that's great but you you would ideally wanted to at least three solid years of production -- your god before you have to deal with this roster. Crash thing. Well this is true and I mean timing is everything. You've got Chris Cooley. Obviously that. Visit tonight and it's the most of them don't organisms that doctor Andrews that's yet exactly and Fred Davis is stepping up and He is. He's producing for the Redskins this year's. -- and calls there. Doctor James Andrews is just like the kiss of death to any athlete just when when you have to go see him. I mean your careers and is in trouble. We could see another dog and pony show on Capitol Hill very soon related NFL news. Members of the house committee on energy and commerce Stacy energy and commerce. Obvious clearly does not fall under energy so I'm guessing this -- senate commerce sent a letter requesting hearings on the subject. Of HGH testing now NFL PA leaders to Morris Smith respondents all of this on the sports junkies on one a 6:7 this morning we'll take a listen. You know on the awful she age issue we agreed. Two it just that was reliable that protected our players due process rights and and one say. In the book on the hill. One have a hearing about. I'm ready to go let's show what it's for a lot and let's have them answer why they don't wanna throw over the occupants. Let's have them answer why they wanna keep their -- process. Secret and frankly -- -- here from the National Football League on why they've won a liability that. Where players He would challenge anything. As to whether it just applied at them. From a fine to be so if I was hearing what they've -- What's been here. Yes -- -- more Smith taking shots at the World Anti Doping Agency in the NFL there. Does He have a point I mean what we're seeing another instance of a professional sport being hauled in front of congress and told to you know basically beg for their existence like. Ours. -- Getting -- -- I don't know wars economy spine employment full house but still. Yeah I. Don't. Eight. Well the lead not to get too inside Washington here league Democrat on that committee was a guy who is the chairman of the house. On oversight committee who did the whole steroid hearings on Capitol Hill brought. Roger Clemens and all them up to the field to testify I had no idea what that adds to -- house and government oversight. Either I. I was reading the description of that. Committees. Duties on the website and you know. They -- like the Postal Service before and it listed and other issues about the country. Just. -- -- What ballots for the hearings and because I think him Portsmouth actually likes the idea going up there for hearing just because He gets to. Get on the platform like everybody else the same reason he's congressman when it is because we're talking about their names out there now Waxman got his name out congratulations. Com. -- more Smith ones I think people hear his message because I think He is convinced that aged kids testing is not reliable -- -- point. Yeah and isn't one of the big things that they won't specify. What are going into the testing and right. He you know He keeps saying it's it's -- naturally occurring saying and He just wanted to be. Very specific. Yeah and it's kind of a mess because it involves the World Anti Doping Agency working with the NFL. He kind of reminds me the issue with baseball steroid testing and Donald Fehr was the union chief for baseball. And He said look this is on American you're telling a bunch of people who want to show up and do their job. That you have to submit to an invasive medical procedure and renew your job someone has to stick in -- your body and take -- blown away. You're doing is working for private company now baseball -- you have an issue with steroids -- in -- -- they don't I'm glad that happen. But you know if if people said for -- post lunch box like -- they -- -- a violent -- blood. I I -- I tell them to go take a walk out that's that's fair. So yeah and but you know the NFL does have a problem with with HGH I'm gonna say that right now I think they do at least there's only one way to clear that up. But so. Who knows where they go from here. Is there any way that so via a -- kind of regain credibility with this issue particularly men things up after this whole. If they see that escalates to the point. A congressional hearing is it too much. I don't know kind of let me kind of ugliness to this now yeah. It is currently thinking that it can lead to it is having tests or an. It has seen it is bad bright and you get a lot. A lot of the steroids thing happen. And yes it could see one more Smith maybe wouldn't want -- These -- come -- even if He thinks that the the way to these tests are conducted aren't necessarily. Scientifically proven is I think. The term used to one thing before we go capitals will be on the road tomorrow night in Edmonton coverage starting on Comcast sports net at 9 PM I believe it is. The capitals in 700. Boy. The beautiful lush metropolis of Edmonton but seven and oh start. Joba and on this morning on one a 67 so this is the best capital CBC period. It is and that's that's the thing is that it's a team effort. It's not just events and Baxter and Mike Green it's every more. EC widening temerity of -- got so many weapons that. There I mean they are just playing really well right now and they're leading the NHL in offense with. Four plus goals a game I mean they they just really. And it got a pretty good goalie and not Tomas welcome him at another pretty good one and Michael -- -- hopefully I get healthy here's soon. Well that is today's edition of lunch box live presented by The Washington Times thank you very much for joining -- Stacy Cason. I'm John -- we will see you tomorrow.



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