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  1. Kevin Harvick0:19, 0:49, 1:04
  2. Jeff Gordon2:20, 2:22, 4:22
  3. Carl Edwards0:16, 1:12
  4. Jimmie Johnson4:23
  5. Chris Miller4:34, 4:42
  6. Tony Stewart4:17
  7. Talladega0:13, 2:34, 3:35
  8. Chevrolet1:51, 2:50
  9. air pressure3:16, 3:20
Wed, 26 Oct 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Another week and another edition of behind the wheel of course that means -- -- murdered on ignore it I'm pretty considered well. Yeah I'm not gonna talk about that for sure. Let's talk about Talladega what happened this past weekend Clint -- gets the win Carl Edwards extends his points lead and for Kevin Harvick. He's not out of it but He took a big hit. Yeah it's pretty pretty amazing how you have -- Clint lawyer wins and the 100 race for our CR. While he's leaving the team so it's pretty ironic how that happens in and worked out good for our CR what a great organization and and you know -- employers gonna win more races as time goes on it just wasn't meant to be there. So you got to be excited for for our Richard Childress in and their whole organization. As for. My main Kevin Harvick who are still one pick in the win it okay you stick it out and they went out there not. He takes the chance. Every day and race and the chance either -- did very have a bad day it can happen if you're in the front it can happen if you're in the back Kevin Harvick ran strong all day was in the wrong place wrong time. Hank -- got -- We talk about. Flip -- on flipper Carl Edwards. Hoped it would think it's an appallingly. But the deal is does He really does it -- it. Look He rode around in the back is that race and all races there's still strategy takes a lot of strategy to make that happen and they did what they needed to do it paid off He would like it at all right. He'd sit at the point sleep yet they got it done you said strategy and that's what He was doing. Controversy this past week as well I need you explain this to me you've got different team owners reportedly telling their drivers. Who are driving forwards we want you to help out other forwards and that's it what exactly went down. Look it doesn't matter of its Ford can't Chevrolet can't we go to camp our dodge camp. If you look at the sheets of practice these guys were all lined up in doubled with their teammates they all practice with -- so. Whether they said it on radio or TV or not that's just the way it is that is the way it's gonna go down so be in that it. And knowing that why would you think that the Ford behind you that's really strong Trevor may have always strong in that 21. What makes you think he's really gonna help a guy in the chase like Jeff Gordon. Get it done. Jeff Gordon and messed up by even taken that for 12 they should've made the move to get behind somebody to push on and then Gordon could had a top five instead of finish and eighteenth fairway every did. I'm glad to see you in one piece you're in Talladega you were down there you start 31 finish 32. What exactly happened because the Saudia the for your card. Got jacked up there it -- so lucky to be there the racing did a great job we had a beautiful number sixteen. Eagle -- Busch Chevrolet got to give a shout out to not for quite tires back come. And all the other guys that really helped us I'll go eat some pancakes you can't beat that. But here's the on aggregate of many other drivers besides I gotta -- that it is just natural. But the deal is seriously. We had a great truck -- in the draft. Think it was getting better we made the ratio had to make it on time. There's -- there's -- under the roof any got kicked out from the air pressure. Bump and somebody and it came up through there in the air pressure on these cars at a 180 mile they just slam that group up there and it makes it pretty hard to say. I'm glad you're okay and all subs and am hungry for a -- to. Perhaps not run up we're. Like that -- I -- I had not been a little boy OK from Talladega this track on the circuit to Martinsville smallest track on the circuit. As a driver. How you make that transition and it's good for Kevin Harvick He won this race back in the spring yet if there's guys that really do well at this track and there's guys they're really dealt. Call Edwards really doesn't do that well at this track so it's a little nervous coming in this weekend because this is a track where He can not. -- conservative He has got to run hard every lap for the whole time and hope that works out this is -- -- that you also can get wrecked just disease He is a place like Talladega so these guys are gonna be beat and bang and I really think this is the wild card race if you can get out of here with a top five finish then here and it Harvick and those guys run good here so they should come out of here pretty strong guy like Tony Stewart regarding won twice had a shot at winning three already he'll be strong according Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson all these guys are all strong -- guy does not shop let's call led to watch him come out with a win. Okay now the one thing you'd have to ask you as well I didn't -- -- we've is that you know I'm filling in for Chris Miller offseason lost but I -- NBA -- argue the only I don't know what he's doing -- have a message for Chris Miller. What my body yet we're hitting well I think 87 -- a lot of on an island somewhere or raising them seven kid on that killer but. They've always seen before the year's out I'll get out of BR girl B grade those kids to get back here and said I don't eat a burger Michael -- that's -- new. She -- in Washington dot com.

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