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Lunchbox Live: Redskins in the dumps and Davey Johnson back with the Nats-10/31



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Mon, 31 Oct 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Redskins do not have time to salt they have to get ready for the 49ers even after that terrible loss in Toronto and some breaking news about baseball this morning which is. Where we start this is lunch box live presented by The Washington Times I'm John are joined today by. Chase Hughes and the nationals. Have not announced that they have extended manager Davey Johnson to come back to manage a ballclub for the point twelve seasons chase this wasn't a totally unexpected move Mike Rizzo and dropped hints about. Johnson coming back right but is this necessarily the best move for the team and you're -- there's a lot of. Foreshadowing going -- we knew that so I guess we had a lot of time to -- out about this and think about it. Isn't the best I think it is I think it's gonna maintain some continuity with the team and I think what the nationals need as they need it. A manager and a roster or some additions I should say they can take than that to that next step they got eighty wins. It's one of the hardest steps to make in baseball to go from eighty to say nine he -- try to make the playoffs and I'd have a feud on numbers from Davey Johnson and sat in his second year managing teams. Improve the Mets by eight wins his second year they won the World Series is -- the thirty Arab -- Cincinnati is another team you took over mid year he improve them by thirteen wins in his second season. Ten wins in Baltimore nine Owens for the Dodgers Baltimore he took them from ninety to 98. The Cincinnati was like 5366. But the Mets was another team. 92 I think one of three there's some like that so it's he's taken teams to that next up. We'll see if you can do with the -- It seems like he's just always been there waiting in the wings when an organization and he's always stepped up at the plate. -- nationals to go forty and 43 under Johnson after took over on June 27. Of last year his 2011 nationals won fifteen of their final twenty -- not now the last eleven you know all of this in -- nationals press release it one thing that was not in the press release at all. Was Davey Johnson's age you'll be 69 for this upcoming season that will make him the oldest manager in baseball so again. He can clearly manage but. Is this the kind of ball club. For someone on Johnson's agent is he going to necessarily be the future of this club which is. Obviously what they're building towards well I think we were talking about this earlier before it went on -- Grissom retired today which is another breaking news baseball caps 33 years and -- well now a lot bigger than he is gone and he would have been. A year younger. Then nine Davey Johnson Charlie Manuel and Jim -- also a year younger than. Davey Johnson writes it's hard to imagine anyone older than Charlie Manuel and just sit there like a 110 years -- regular -- in the second oldest manager yeah in baseball and I just won the World Series although you could say they won despite. Because of his decision in game he had a few well and quiet and well Ron Washington made some absolutely horrendous decisions certainly a lot of great energetic about it just comes out and barely managed playoffs and of course. We -- Omit the fact that Jack McKeon was eighty years old. Mattingly Marlins last -- moving on to the Redskins. -- yesterday the first time -- Mike Shanahan team has been shut out. Ever ever 267. Games Redskins coming up with just a 178. Yards of total offense John backed. John back sacked nine times -- list goes on and on and Brian Mitchell did not hold back on Redskins postgame live talking about the contest. Did Mike Shanahan make the right decisions on the people he can't that's a question we -- popping up. And whether or not guys are trying not this that the other we can't answer that question that he stayed. But all won a football field they see outmanned outgunned. And when I was actually question last week looked under the best coach to risk his staff on a Buffalo Bill sit Buffalo Bills you look at this game today. Who was welcomed the risk is a Beatles. Rescuers were out coached and don't slap in his dorm all the guys need to show off the coaches article just can't get him to go do what they want to. -- chase or makes a good point or the players possibly tuning out the coaches here. What I said they were out coached and I think I think that's a good point has hasn't lost the locker room is is that. And as a big allegation a satellite on you just small a small nugget to throw him into the biggest sense Feinstein last here. Yeah right no -- about that's that's a completely different story about the beverage for another racial overtones and I -- -- that. It's quite -- out there and it's a huge Jack is accusation for a for coaches whose 12 symbols. Who's done pretty much everything can do as a coach he's got a hall Famer has been friends who have may -- lost the locker room. I don't know what we saw the revamped the team they wanted to get a bunch of players that bought into the system but maybe. You can't and maybe it's not as he's he's just getting players that want it and I will -- end of the. The fact that we're talking about this means one thing and one thing only and that is total chaos right now for the Redskins organization and the question is who is this chaos going to be blamed on and it's. Being right now blame on everyone from. Individual players to collective units of players to coordinators to coaches. Management. Ownership and bearing the brunt of it Kyle Shanahan right now right and an offensive track record with the Redskins -- really can be justified or or put in pain in any kind of good light right now. Not at all mean this is the first time they've been shut out since I think Jones award was the coach that's that's -- his second year was was as bad as I've ever seen the Redskins have. A lot of talk right now you're here in the -- nepotism a lot is Kyle Shanahan safe is the office coordinator since he's the son of Mike Shanahan yeah. I think he is I think he is for another year and I think you're gonna they're gonna people going to be looking around the organization other spots maybe Jim has -- Who is again having another rough years -- a coordinator. Keep in mind Shanahan went through -- thing for our -- the corners and the hero in his last four years for the Denver Broncos. In some good points you could just never get right at the end of his tenure there and it seems like he's he's having trouble this year. The the Redskins have had three top ten defense is before last year they ranked thirty forced in first in the yard. And this year their back down if. Everybody has not been on Greg -- -- -- -- Greg bunches and the defense is an exciting to create turnovers did was ranked in the top ten you know every single year and everybody complained that it wasn't exciting enough I think it would be glad to have that kind of defense right now there's -- question people ask for the Redskins have to -- -- they are rebuilding right now there's no doubt about that. And the question is what else are rebuilding their front office still rebuilding their coaching staff it was like his continues but I have one idea of them might solve the Redskins problems. A big thing now is rebrand. Why do you consider re branding instead of rebuilding they could be -- Washington Americans often the answer -- -- -- controversy about the team name has been for some -- -- -- -- and as the Washington generals of football and they could lose in a wacky way every single week we wouldn't have to worry about getting good players out there who have lost in a pretty -- -- yesterday -- they -- they set it up perfectly and they just have to figure out new -- every week would be. -- be hard to let down express just something to consider adjustments pretty creative on the tonight so there's just wrecks and it is good Grossman and -- tandem is just perfect for something like that I think. I think to be really entertaining and it's a FedEx Field. At his lunch box live again like going on and Tony La Russa resigning Davey Johnson will be back or -- retiring that is David Johnson will be back as manager. Of the nationals and the Redskins. Have to get ready for the 49ers after that brutal loss in Toronto for chase -- I'm John -- thank you for watching. CSN Washington dot com.

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