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Tue, 1 Nov 2011|


We are getting ready for the capitals taking on Anaheim tonight at home capitals try to snap a two game losing streak the Redskins of course. Trying to snap a three game skid this is lunch box live presented by The Washington Times I'm John are joined today by Evan Washburn. And Evan Mike Shanahan had to get in front of me yesterday answer all the questions about the loss Kyle Shanahan -- play calling of course has been. A big issue all year no more so than after that 23 announcement to nothing loss and now Mike Shanahan answered a question about that after the game let's take a look. Everywhere you comfortable to play calling at this point. Yeah I'm pretty pretty comfortable political. And heavily involved with the offense so. Hearts of those five seconds outings and more than anything else in the entire press conference I thought it was pretty interesting that he said he was heavily. Involved in the offense is just covering here or we kind of read more into it I think you have to read more into -- you have to kind of play investigator in the fact that. Am Mike Shanahan has a reputation and it's harder to question yeah you know his ability to run an offense looking at what he's done in the past now it's on. You know little less improvements on the offenses and able produce. His way of new defending it's offense defending his son and I'm involved in this too so if you have questions question it seemed interesting because he didn't. Back away from taking the blame on on a lot of other stuff and then when it got the play calling he said well I'm happy with the play calling and you know I'll I'll take responsibility for that. Its start as low line yank you right you just gotta be an investigator when it comes to my action and you need like a body language expert like. A polygraph guys there's there's a lot of Reading between the lines. Play calling though. Not only an issue here in DC you cover the Ravens from Comcast sports net they had a bit of -- play calling controversy after their last ugly loss. Kinda similar to the Redskins lost the bills when they lost the Ravens did loss to the Jaguars. And Terrell Suggs called out the play calling after that game seems like the Ravens have recovered from that for the time being at least we'll they have -- And when you look at the Ravens it in the sort of comparison of the Redskins and offensive struggles. The Ravens. If it's surrounds around Joseph Flacco he's always question in the he he can do righty. He's not -- Cam -- offensive coordinators kind of taking the heat then it -- Shanahan taking Cam Cameron is proven as an offensive mind but. He and Joseph just haven't and we get on the same page. When Terrell Suggs calls out. Can't camera in the offense that that Jaguars loss. In any other locker room I think that it it causes divided coach has to address it. For some reason when it comes in the Ravens there's a few guys that are allowed to do that. And the coaches actually seem to and I guess obviously in front of the media are behind because they're proven Terrel Suggs Ray Lewis Ed Reed. Defensive players are allowed to step up and maybe even question what do coaches do and it seems like a lot of the Redskins players are trying to that London Fletcher very vocal -- holes kind of taken on the role saying you know. There is no split in the locker room go to Mike Shanahan again he said that he is doing his best to try to keep everyone positive this week and there is -- divide in the locker room. I think we can do as you look at guys have an opportunity shows what they can do until he got some young players are playing I think got a big upside. And a number of positions obviously it's not gonna happen overnight. I got a lot of belief in these guys that they will play well hopefully much better than we played yesterday. Okay so you certainly opportunities -- -- all the bodies going down and I think also again. Giving his players a thinly veiled message not to be caught up and all this panic and they just need to go out and perform not worry about. Camera Kyle Shanahan or anyone else and go out there and get the job done. Well it seems like it's the same story each year in and just to keep the comparison of what I see negated basis in Baltimore. When things aren't going well you talk about them fives and locker rooms and staying positive. It's a pretty simple arithmetic it comes down to when you can and eventually win games again and if the Redskins. Can find a way to you know rally together all of -- you know buzzwords that. You know ridiculous views and coaches views when it comes times a locker rooms and give -- -- if they can winning game -- a few games at all different but. From past history that's just not the case and injuries that got -- are on the sidelines London Fletcher and Landry Angelo hall things like that. That you we will -- -- -- -- team win or lose those wild this event especially. Not only when the squabbles just amongst one. Team you know usually yeah players mixed in between -- selection and afterwards and say you know these things happen in a football game. Brian Mitchell line after the game said you know well you know the players is Tunisia and out. Again the only way to figure that out as winning Ravens right now by two Redskins. It's a victory for of course capitals ducks tonight to capitals to call for Cody you can. From Hershey for tonight's game coverage starting at 7 PM on Comcast sports that the puck drops. At 730. This is what looks like -- a -- Washington times for a Washburn and John there.

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