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  1. Matt Kenseth1:10, 1:34
  2. Kevin Harvick2:21, 2:25
  3. Brian Vickers0:51
  4. Camping World0:55
  5. Tony Stewart0:13, 0:21, 2:14
  6. Dale Earnhardt0:49
  7. NASCAR1:04
  8. Talladega0:09
  9. Texas1:32, 1:34, 2:04
  10. car race0:11
Thu, 3 Nov 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Seven races down three to go as we bring behind it will Donnie Neuberger. You said it everyone thought it Talladega was going to be the wild car race you said it was going to be Martinsville. Tony Stewart its the when you're right nothing like a short track that haven't beaten him bang in and getting upset. And have somebody come out on -- what about Tony Stewart third race win this year third time he's won at Martinsville. And at the beginning of the chase he said -- just to get I would it would be standup guy filled up the points standings here that's funny pretty much scouting -- that goes hey you know this -- up space I don't even belong in it. But that's statement. Really put his team on fire in look at him now not only -- consistently running well he's consistently winning and that's how you win a championship. We saw a bit of a demolition derby especially with Dale Earnhardt junior and Brian Vickers over the weekend why got to make a statement boy if you didn't see that the Camping World truck series race. The night before the day before all my goodness it was a peer out demolition derby. But that's why they need more toward tracks back in NASCAR it's just say it more exciting any kind of racing you -- -- Agassi. I got it really had a tough weekend was Matt Kenseth who got it was second the points standings dropped all the way down to fifth after finishing 31 in ranking. What are his chances looking like well not real good in you can talk we'll talk about taxes and you can talk about it being being a good track for those guys but when you lose that many points as good -- guys are being it week in and week out it's going to be hard to come back from that. What about Kenseth in -- he's got some good news -- about as we go to Texas everything's bigger in Texas for Matt Kenseth he won there in the spring. But he's probably too far back the you know they still like to go get a win you know they're looking for sponsorship for that team. Among other things Cella. They're still not mathematically out of it so you got to always try to keep winning and try to run consistent see where the cards play but. I'd say he's pretty much stunts and they have nothing to lose let's go let's go win this race. What do you see happening this weekend in taxes any surprises that perhaps we can expect what they've beaten back like they did Martinsville. Texas is a very very fast track. Not only is it facet that you star reckon there people get hurt so well I expect I expected to be a surprise winner maybe Tony Stewart again who knows I mean that's how he's gonna win the championship. Well three races to go and you've been sticking with your man Kevin Harvick the entire time. Back in black mom and I made Kevin Harvick just like all season. Has been constantly consistently and there. He still there he still has a lot of legitimate shot so let's see where he ends up alright that's your man you're a man done a good burger that's behind it will. Always -- BA. CSN Washington dot com.

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